The Year of Wool

 Since 2010, there has been an ongoing campaign for natural wool, “in order to raise awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.

With the Chinese calendar entering the Year of Sheep, the “Campaign for Wool” has stepped up a gear, with campaign patron HRH Prince of Wales encouraging collaborations between producers, designers, retailers, interior designers and so much more.

We’ve taken the time to explore some exquisite woolen pieces, helping you to do your bit for the campaign…

Chairs & Sofas

Not always an obvious choice to opt or a woolen chair or sofa, but these from Tetrad feel soft and durable, whilst creating a executive country home.



Beanbags add extra seating for when the children are coming to visit, and these Real Shetland ones are beautiful so you don’t have to hide them away once they’ve left.



Some of the most renowned wool producers have teamed with the best designers in the business to create spectacular carpets. Our fashion favourites are the Brinton for Laura Ashley collection and designer range at Brockway.




We all know how important it is to switch off and nod off into the land of dreams.

According to Baavet, Sheep wool duvets are excellent heat regulators, perfect for helping you to get the best night’s sleep. And since they’re naturally hypoallergenic, they’re also great in a guest bedroom.


Soft Furnishings

Obviously, the simplest and most cosy way to rub up against the fantastic fibres is with soft furnishings.

Good quality woolen throws come in all shapes and shades but the range of colours and pattern from Art of the Loom and Laura’s Loom, we’re just spoilt for choice.




Check out and for more information and inspiration.


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