Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

When Harper Lee announced she would be releasing a sequel to literary classic ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, the world went crazy, snapping up copies of the original, with some bookstores reporting increases of  over 1000% overnight!

We love to get our heads stuck in a good book, and decided to take a look at some fab book inspired pieces for your home.



This Classic Book Tissues Box looks stunning, especially sitting on a dark oak sideboard or in the office, making you look dapper and smart.


Reading has never been so bright with the ‘Penguin Classics’ Book Light. Perfect on a children’s bedside, cuddling up for a bedtime read.


This MacBook Book Cover is super sleek and stylish, perfect for taking out and about. Disguising your electricals, it makes them less known to wandering hands.


Sit back and soak up a good story with the Book Holder ‘Bath Caddy’. Plus with wine glass and soap holder built in, it’s time to treat yourself to a little ‘me’ time.


We’re absolutely in love with these Roald Dahl blinds! They’re perfect for creating a well-lit reading corner, bringing your children’s imagination to life.


Set your imagination alight with ‘Literary Lites’ Match Boxes. They make a great decorative piece, just be sure to keep them away from your actual book collection!


‘Bedtime Story’ Bed Sheets are a must for any book worm, young or older. You could even have a go at designing your own with fabric markers (try non-permanent if you want to keep the stories changing) making you, or your children, the author.


Whether you’re headed for an arts festival or camping out in the garden, with the ‘Fully Booked’ Tent you can release your inner bookworm and connect back with nature.


The magic of fiction never dies and you won’t have to worry about the Literary Paper Rose wilting either. Striking on their own, or beautiful arranged into a bouquet, they will add charm to every room.

We hope these literary inspired accessories take the words out your mouth and transport you into another dimension.

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