Around the World :: Silk

We like to scourer the world high and wide to find you the best fabrics and patterns it has to offer. But what we never really think about is what the rest of the globe is doing with the same fabrics that we use, what their history of them are and how it fits in with culture.

To start, we’re looking at one of the most luxurious of fibres, silk. Continue reading

It’s the Start of Summer

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Today marks the day of the Summer Solstice. Not only is is the longest day of the year but it also marks the first day of our favourite season.

Come celebrate with us and enjoy your best holiday season yet, from keeping cool all summer through, to exploring things that makes a Great British Summer great! Continue reading

Find a Perfect Balance :: Colours

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been showing you ways to find a perfect balance within your home, for complete harmony and revitalisation. In this post, we’re delving a little deeper and helping you to find your inner-zen, not with products or offers but through the use of colour.

We’ve previously touched upon the power of green within the home in an earlier post, but now we want to show you how to create an interior design that works, using more than just one colour. Continue reading

tuiss loves :: a good night’s sleep

Are you someone that feels constantly tired? Do you have enough hours in the day for a decent kip?

When we’re busy all the time, we struggle even more to drift off in the first place, and many of us can find ourselves jolting upright in the middle of the night in a panic about something or another.

If you find yourself nodding along as you read, then chances are, you haven’t created the right sleep space. And since National Sleep Awareness is now drawing to close, we’re helping you to find yours. Continue reading

The Year of Wool

 Since 2010, there has been an ongoing campaign for natural wool, “in order to raise awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.

With the Chinese calendar entering the Year of Sheep, the “Campaign for Wool” has stepped up a gear, with campaign patron HRH Prince of Wales encouraging collaborations between producers, designers, retailers, interior designers and so much more.

We’ve taken the time to explore some exquisite woolen pieces, helping you to do your bit for the campaign… Continue reading

Wall Murals


In a recent article, it was reported that the Duchess of Cambridge was “green with envy” when she visited Frederik VIII’s Palace during a visit in 2011, and later took interior design tips from Princess Mary for their own home- at Kensington Palace.

Frederik VIII’s Palace is home to some of the most impressive wall murals and artworks, since it’s renovation in 2010, completed by contemporary Danish artists, including Olafur Eliasson.

Murals are a great way to add substance to a room and often make great conversation starters for guests. Continue reading

A Stylish Combination – Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds

This may seem like an odd combination but it can work wonders if you’re using your roman blind outside the window recess.

Decorative Touch


The panelled finishes of our roman blinds can make a beautiful decoration at your window, especially if you’ve chosen a bright and beautiful pattern or design, and sometimes that’s exactly how people want to use them.

Rather than compromise the light control and protection at your window, you can use a roller blind inside the recess to make sure the window stays covered when you need it to.

Double the Protection


If you’d rather have a view during the day but full protection at night, you can always use a voile or magic screen roller blind (you can compare the two here) to ensure that you still have plenty of natural light in your home during the daylight hours.

If you have a roman blind fitted above your window, outside the recess, you can then drop that down in the evenings to cover your window fully and make sure no one can see in.

Beautiful Blending


If your room features different shades and hues, you can use this stylish combination to further accentuate the colour scheme in your room.

Go for a neutral or solid colour to keep in with the accents in your room and then accessorise with a bright and bold pattern or design to add a zing of personality to your home!

Keep Your Home Warm This Winter – Radiators

Believe it or not, this isn’t a stating the glaring obvious post – everyone knows that radiators will keep your home warm!

End view with valves on cream

However, we’ve been looking for some handy hints about how to utilise your radiators to their full potential and keep your home as warm as possible this winter.

Clear the Way


If you have any furniture sitting in the way of your radiators, it can hinder the progress of the heat.

Of course if your sofa sits in front of you radiator, you may not want to go to the trouble of completely rearranging your room, but if you have a few tables or an armchair in the way, you might want to nudge them over to one side to clear a path for the heat.



Lining the wall behind your radiator with tinfoil is an excellent way to reflect the heat back into your room – this works especially well with radiators that are on the outside wall of your home as it stops the heat escaping through the brickwork.

While you can purchase specially made foil to do this with, standard tinfoil that you can find in your kitchen works just as well and is also a much more affordable alternative.



A perfect solution for home with high ceilings, placing a shelf above your radiator is a great way to stop the heat from rising too far and losing the benefits in your room.

Not only will it help to keep your home warmer, it will also give you an extra storage area where you can arrange your ornaments or create a themed display that will fit in with your decor beautifully.

Make Your House A Home :: tuiss blinds

One of the most effective ways to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home is by choosing the perfect blind.

With varying materials, textures, colours and styles to choose from the world really is your oyster!

Roman Blinds


Soft and sumptuous, our roman blinds can be the perfect addition to your room to give it a cosy feel. With a choice of linings available – blackout for the bedrooms to guarantee you sleep and thermal for energy saving properties, keeping your room nice and toasty in the winter – you can tailor them to your needs as well as choose a beautiful design to suit your decor.

Wooden Blinds


Giving your room a traditional and rustic feel as well as offering you excellent light control, our wooden blinds can be used to great effect in giving your house that homely feel.

Try combining them with a pair of curtains (like these Linen Oatmeal ones seen above) to further accentuate the cosy effect and add an additional warmth to your room.

Roller Blinds


Rustic linens, sumptuous silks and glamorous velvets, our roller blinds come in an array of materials to suit your furnishings as well as having a full choice of lining. This gives you the freedom to control the light, the temperature and the style in your home.

Vertical Blinds


Traditional and reliable, our vertical blinds are an excellent choice to give your house that added warmth that you desire. Ideal for larger windows, you can choose between neutral and natural shades to blend in or bold, vibrant colours to make a statement at your window.

There’s even a host of materials available from rigid pvc to suedes and faux-silks to help you achieve that perfect style in your home.

Plantation Shutters


The newest addition to the tuiss family, our plantation shutters have been designed with style and comfort in mind.

From energy saving properties to full light control, these shutters have a distinct traditional style to add a rustic yet practical feel to your home.