Our Newest Beauties

Here at tuiss we’re constantly on the lookout for the best, the brightest, the most beautiful of new designs and fabrics, new patterns and colour combinations, because we know you are too! You want the best for your sanctuary and so do we.

The past few months have seen the introduction of dozens of new products to our collection on www.blinds-2go.co.uk; from our range of painted shutters, to cosy Romans and curtains, sumptuously practical rollers and crisp verticals. An eye-popping variety of chic patterns, vibrant hues, stylish shades, all finished to the perfection you’d expect and made-to-measure just for you.

Here’s just a taste of the shiny newness that’s in store…

New Rollers & Verticals

Elegantly simple, endlessly practical and effortlessly stylish, our new Utopia roller blinds are a luxe take on a reliable classic. A range of clean, crisp shades perfect for the modern home in a hardwearing fabric and finished with signature tuiss chic.

Speaking of a stylish take on a practical classic, our Utopia fabrics are available as vertical blinds too. Chain-free louvres mean no tangling and a neat, streamlined finish – not to mention making these blinds less of a distraction for household pets!

Click here to view the whole Utopia range.

Fresh Florals

Our Hadley Linen designs have proven to be really popular since their introduction, and we’ve added a selection of new colourways to the range to suit all tastes. Now you can enjoy this beautiful watercolour floral no matter what your colour scheme.

All those delectable colourways have also been lovingly applied to rollers too, for a more discreet and slimline way to dress your window.

Click here to view all our beautiful Hadley Linen fabrics.

Speaking of Romans and matching rollers, there’s a simply stunning selection of new patterns and new colourways for old favourites now available for your delectation!

Our Renaissance pattern is a dainty and elegant flower pattern in artful oil-paint style. See the whole range of colourways right here.

Yet another beautiful floral, our Madelyn Linen selection has swollen to huge proportions, a stunning variety of colours from simple shades to vibrant hues, available right here.

The poised, refined and simply beautiful Blakely pattern scatters watercolour style leaves across a sumptuous linen fabric and fills your home with joy and class, and we’ve recently added a great selection of new colourways – to view the range, click here.

If you love a good floral then click here to be blown away by the whole selection!

Sumptuously Textured Plains

Something a little more plain, perhaps? Focus on colour and texture, on tasteful simplicity and sumptuous luxury for harmony and a uniform look. Take our new Harlow fabrics, with their deep weave and beautiful texture. You can see all the colours right here.

For even more snuggly softness and a dazzling range of hues, the Eternity Linen Roman blind range is stuffed to the gills with cosy contentment and chic colour. To be dazzled by sumptuous vibrance, click here.

Sheer Beauty

For lovers of the light, a voile fabric is the perfect alternative to tired, old-fashioned net curtains. A handful of carefully curated sheers, embroidered with delicate patterns for the ultimate luxe look, are available right here.

Bold & Dramatic Shutters

If fabrics aren’t your thing, then we have the ultimate in premium, luxurious, robust beauty ready to give your home a luxe transformation. Our Plantation Shutter collection has been boosted with an incredible range of painted finishes, a shade to suit every style.

View our Plantation Shutter collection here.

And Oh-So Much More…

There’s more to see and more to love than we can squeeze into a humble blog post, but we just had to shout about these delectable new additions and give you a taste of what we’ve got in store. If you’re planning a home makeover and you’re looking for the ultimate in designer chic, made to measure to perfection by our friends at Blinds 2go and available at a fraction of high street prices, then check out these links and prepare to be amazed…

tuiss Loves… Fiona Brass

At tuiss, we’ve always been about adding a little bit of luxury to the everyday. And without wanting to blow our own trumpet, we’re not so surprised that interior designers choose tuiss for their window dressing needs. After all, we’ve kind of got it all. Blinds, curtains and shutters!

But we’re not here to talk about any old interior designer, no. We want to share with you the wonderful work of Fiona Brass!

She’s just kicked off her own website and blog, but she’s got plenty of experience already under her belt. Want to see? Hint: She’s a big fan of tuiss!

Head over to her blog, where you’ll find beautiful interiors, just like this…

We’re In Love!

If you’ve been keeping up with all things tuiss, you’ll know that we recently had a complete makeover, and got ourself a new partner.

Our relationship with Blinds 2go is growing from strength to strength and to show off our love in our new home, there’s 14% off all tuiss fabrics.

You’ll have to be quick though, the offer is for Valentines Day only, only at Blinds 2go & Curtains 2go!

In The Press: Country Retreat

tuiss is a name renowned for quality and attention to detail, so it’s really no surprise when we find our blinds gracing the glossy pages of magazines. We’re heading over to Hertfordshire, to explore the Underwood’s beautiful country retreat. Come on in…


Sally & Nick have spent many years living amongst the hustle and bustle of city London life, and whilst it was fun in their youth, the pair were keen to escape to the country. Now they’re settles into their mid-terrace cottage in Elstree, and let Hertfordshire Life take a snoop.


Whoever said that white can make a room feel cold? Sally painted most of their walls white, and the furniture too. But with the layering of textures they’ve created a serene and cosy space. Who wouldn’t want to settle down in that bedroom?


Want to read further about their journey and style? You don’t need to be in Hertfordshire to be able to. Just follow this link right here  and head to page 134 – Hertfordshire Life December 2016

Trend Watch :: Floral Prints

Isn’t it funny how trends come in and out. Last year, it wall all about the contemporary patterns, with geometrics leading in the way , but this year things seem to have taken a step back in time.

Contemporary is out and traditional is back. And the flower power is taking over once again. Thankfully, floral designs is something we do pretty well, if we do say so ourselves. Continue reading

European Styles Worth Stealing

With Europe Day being today, now seems like just as good time as any to delve into the interior design world and get inspired by some of our European friends.

We’ve been finding style staples and ideas your home shouldn’t live without. So lets cross the pond and take a look… Continue reading

In The Press :: Looking Back

We know we’re not the only people who, when cleaning out a room, drawer or box, spends ages going through all the nostalgic pieces, cherishing the memories that they hold. Sometimes it makes us remember our achievements, whether academically or just personally. Anyway, we digress.

Recently, we were helping the tech team on a project they were working on and as a result had to create a log of all the times we’ve ever been featured, mentioned, showcased or involved in a magazine or newspaper. And we were quite shocked to discover just how many of them there were. Continue reading