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Isn’t it funny how trends come in and out. Last year, it wall all about the contemporary patterns, with geometrics leading in the way , but this year things seem to have taken a step back in time.

Contemporary is out and traditional is back. And the flower power is taking over once again. Thankfully, floral designs is something we do pretty well, if we do say so ourselves.

Trend Essentials

There’s a million and one takes on floral out there and sometimes it can feel like trekking through a jungle finding one that’ll stand the test of time. But that’s why we love the current trend. It’s been popular before, and it’ll certainly be popular again. Plus, even when it’s not the popular floral, it’ll still look absolutely gorgeous. Just like the trusty pair of Levi’s Jeans. They’re timeless.


Pretty Patterns

So what makes up the style?

This year’s florals are all about the soft colours and detailed design. It’s not abstract or brash, but calm and traditional. Obviously incorporating Pantone’s Colours of The Year into the mix makes for a beautiful look.

Left: Gardenia Mink

Below: Delilah Sky Blue & English Rose Blush



Botanical Beauty

If florals are a bit too feminine for you, or just don’t sit well in the room, you’ll be glad to hear that botanicals are here to stay. Giant leaves and ferns galore.

Whilst natural tones are ideal, other soft tones such as pale blue make a good alternative too, helping inject colour into your scheme. Keep the room full of green plantation and foliage for an elegant and fresh scheme.

Below left; top to bottom; Caledonia Keystone, Arden Mellow Green, Lomond Marine

Below right: Athyrium 130352
















Create your own blooming gorgeous home

Flick through any one of the many interior design magazines on the shelf today and you’ll be overwhelmed by the different styles of naturally inspired spaces. Thankfully we have blinds and curtains to suit almost any theme, so whichever you choose don’t waste your time searching the web. To make the search even faster, all of our botanical prints and designs can be found in one handy place- right here !


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