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In an article called “Gold Beauty” (we quite like that, it’s got a lovely ring to it), Susie shows us around her redecorated living room, which forms part of her four-storey Victorian townhouse in north London.

And that’s exactly where we’re headed to House Beautiful magazine for this week’s In The Press!

And we can see exactly how it got the name Gold Beauty as the walls are covered in a beautiful teal and gold wallpaper and the copper ceiling light.

Susie and her husband Simon wanted to create a room that was completely separate from the children’s playroom. They wanted a little den to call their own, but that could also double as a guest bedroom when friends and family come to visit.

And with the enormous windows overlooking the garden and a large fireplace already fitted in, what was the master bedroom made sense to the pair for using as the new lounge, as they felt their previous arrangement was wasteful.

And then there are the windows…


We couldn’t agree more with Susie’s choice. She’s dressed the windows with our simple Essential Cloud Cream roman blinds (which you can find here) and they offer just the right touch. They’re a delicate number, not as harsh as white, but not as cossetting as full on cream, meaning she gets the best of both worlds – a touch of warmth with all of the airiness still in play.


Plus, with such a large room, warmth had been something of an issue. As well as the new wood burning stove, she got her blinds with thermal linings. This helps to keep her home even cosier and her efforts at warming the room are certainly not wasted.

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