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Come in and take a trip with us into Celine’s Home, an understated yet incredibly stylish reader’s home, shared with us in the September issue of Ideal Home Magazine. And trust us, this is an ideal home.

Set in West London, Celine’s home has been through some changes since she first laid hands on it back in 2005. She’s keen to allow the space to change with the need of family and has knocked down, rebuilt and rearranged rooms more time than we can dare to think about.

Each room has a delicate colour palette, from a simple white lounge, to a soft lilac bathroom and neutral grey bedroom, and each keeps in with the Victorian period style of the property.


The main bedroom is where our attention truly lies. All of the walls are decorated with the gentle Asuka wallpaper from Osborne & Little, giving the room a feminine, delicate touch. Celine has added a bit more colour with darker tones, in the upholstered headboard and side table, as well as the gorgeous dark slates by the fireplace.

She’s even kept in style with the window dressings, and this is the part that we love the most, after all, windows are our thing. She’s chosen a crisp pair of white shutters, and who was suggested, so the reader’s can recreate her style? You guessed it, it was tuiss’ very own San Francisco shutters.




Celine’s home is truly a masterpiece and every aspect has been thought out. Not really suprising as she owns her own interior store, for those that are interested, and yhou can see that her style shines through both in her home and in her work.

If Celine’s home has inspired you, then why not pop over to tuiss now and take a look at our stunning shutters? Go on, who could resist?

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