In The Press :: Dream Bedroom

We all want a dream bedroom to, well, dream in. This month, production company administrator Sam Burke takes Style At Home on a tour of her Hampton home, showing off her incredibly stylish and vibrant bedroom.

After moving into the home nearly 15 years ago and gradually redecorating every room in the house, Sam felt that it was finally time for her to get her dream bedroom. They had originally painted everything white once they first moved in, so it was a blank canvas.


But since then, it started to feel dull and cold, with the wardrobe broken and the bed rickety. Sam was desperate to add colour to her room as well as simplifying the window treatment. We’re not sure what she had before, but we’re sure that it was nowhere near as beautiful as it is now.


She painted the walls a gorgeous blue, added a grey woollen carpet and upgraded her bedroom furniture too. And talking of window treatments, she found such a beautiful one that complemented her scandi theme right here at tuiss.


And what makes the perfect dressing for a dream bedroom? For the Burkes, it has to be the Soft Velvet Haze roman blind. It adds such a beautiful softness to the decor and with the blackout lining she chose, it’s even more practical too.

And with 10 gorgeous tones, there’s something to match a whole host of colours and styles. Check them out, and more, right here.

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