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We love a good how-to guide, and to be honest, who doesn’t? This month in Style at Home, they’ve created the “ultimate guide to curtains”, which even seems to make an easy pull-out. Or maybe that’s just because our copy is missing a staple.

It’s part 2 of their Style School series, and covers everything you need to know about dressing your windows, in a way that works for you.

They cover all the basics, from room planning, to fabric choices and even Made-to-Measure versus Ready Made and we couldn’t help but have a good nosey.

Picking The Fabric

We, as much as the guys over at Style at Home, know how daunting choosing window dressings can be. From the huge choice of fabrics to the grand spectrum of colours, there’s just so much out there. That’s why we love their advice on samples. We offer free samples on all of our blinds and curtains, letting you get a closer look of exactly how they’d look in your home.


Measuring Up


Now we couldn’t agree with this tip. The last thing we want is for you not to love your gorgeous new curtains, so taking the time now can save you a lot of time and heartache further down the line.

We have our own guide dedicated to measuring your windows, but we couldn’t help but feel that this 4 step plan sums it up just right.


Layering Up

The ultimate tip for curtain styling is to layer up. Venetian blinds, voile roman blind, wooden blinds, even a fun, bright roller blind. They all add an extra layer of interest and extra layer of privacy. None of us want to sit with the curtains closed all day, but neither do we want the whole world to be able to see into our home.


Layering not only gives you that extra level of privacy, but they also help to create either a relaxed look, or one with such a striking finish.

Over To You

Now you’ve got all of the tips, tricks and ideas for curtain styling, it’s over to you. Whether you layer, choose an outstanding pattern or let your new curtains drape on the floor, there’s plenty of choice to creating the right scheme for your home.

Head over to tuiss now and get designing your brand new home.

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