Trending Now : : Proud Peacocks

Always on the lookout for trends, this season we’ve spotted a few flamboyant feathers winging their way into people’s homes. Proud peacocks are the inspiration, with rich tones and distinctive plumage adorning everything from cushions to couches.

Ever the exhibitionists, peacocks love to put on a display and with a mix of emeralds, teals and other jewel tones you can ensure your home is the star of the show.

As ever, at Tuiss we have a blind to match – a couple in fact! Our exclusive collaboration with designer Sabine Reinhart has produced peacocks galore on her elaborate and intriguing Kimaya and Royal Meadow designs. They even have a choice of lining so you can make your home practical as well as pretty!


Trending Now : : Berry Shades

Colours are all important when coming up with a theme for your home. The seasons play a part too. Who wants cool pastel blues during those cold winter months? So we’ve come up with a new mood board that’s much more suited to the time of year.

Soft berry shades of amethyst and crimson, violet and orchid will give your home a warm and comforting feel and harmonise beautifully with one another.

Whether you want to go all out or just add a few simple accents to your design scheme, these colours will create a soothing atmosphere that lets you snuggle up away from the winter weather outside.

Berry Shades


Trending Now : : Cable Knits

Everyone loves to snuggle up in their cable knit jumpers throughout the winter. Soft and warm they help you to combat the cold and make sure you stay cosy all season long.

Now, you can go one step further and give your home a winter warming treat. The trend for cable knit woollen accessories has exploded into so many new realms.

As well as the traditional tea cosies and cushion covers, you can now get knitted bowls, lampshades – even clocks and candles!

So make sure your home stays toasty by adding some woollen accessories this winter.


Trending Now : : Maps & Globes

Maps have been a popular part of home decoration since the 90s but still designers are coming up with new and interesting ways for you to explore the world from the comfort of your own home. From the antique to the modern, traditional to the abstract there are all sorts of ways you can decorate your space with a map of our planet. We’ve put together a mood board with just a few examples; including a clever globe bar that allows you to store your drinks inside a wooden, antique globe and an eclectic looking chest of drawers covered in beautiful sketches of the world at large. You can even decorate your window with maps, whether you prefer the more traditional looking Geograph Antique, or the more modern looking Geograph Ocean roman blind. Ideal for the intrepid traveller or for someone who dreams of far flung lands full of exotic creatures and tropical climes, maps are a great way of adding a sense of adventure to your home.
Globe Mood Board

Fool’s Gold?

A few weeks ago we did a post on the latest trend for warm metallics, focusing on brass and copper. This time we’ve upped the stakes and gone all out with a look at some glamorous gold designs. Keeping the heat while adding a touch of lavishness and excess we’ve put together a collection of glorious golden gems from footwear to furniture to feast your eyes upon.

Fool's Gold

Trending Now : : A bug’s life

Normally, finding a bug in your house is your cue to scream bloody murder and wave your arms wildly in a fear driven frenzy. While that may still be a valid response for some, creepy crawlies have recently been finding their way into people’s homes via their furniture.

Grande Dame Sofa


This surprisingly stylish trend is highlighted wonderfully through this Grande Dame sofa, covered in butterflies of all shapes and sizes. Never ones to miss out on a trend, we’ve produced the Ladybird Ruby roman blind, featuring an infestation of insects; perfect for entomologists everywhere!

Ladybird Ruby Roman Blind

Trending Now : : Brass & Copper

As much as we hate to admit it, summer has to end sometime and the dreaded moment is creeping up on us all too soon. Luckily, the onset of Autumn gives us chance to give our home a little makeover and with the cold weather just around the corner, why not warm things up with a little brass and copper?

Brass & Copper


These metallic tones are really en vogue and can be used in both traditional and contemporary schemes to add a little fire and heat. We’ve picked out a selection of blinds from our Tuiss Romans range that we think would suit the look perfectly.

Accent Ginger Snap Osaka Antique GoldReal Silk True Gold

Shantung Warm Gold