It’s the Start of Summer

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Today marks the day of the Summer Solstice. Not only is is the longest day of the year but it also marks the first day of our favourite season.

Come celebrate with us and enjoy your best holiday season yet, from keeping cool all summer through, to exploring things that makes a Great British Summer great! Continue reading

Trend Watch :: Jungle Fever

Get ready for the wildest trend to come this Fall, Jungle Fever.

Making its mark in Fashion Week around the globe, the love of natural shapes like ferns, exotic prints and bright colours mixed with safari tones, we’ve got a hunch that it’ll only be a matter of time until their hitting our favourite interior design magazines and in homeware stores all over the land.

Don’t sit around and wait for the trend to come to you though. Grab it with both hands and embrace it before anybody else.

We’ve found 4 fantastic looks amongst some great designers and with our beautiful blinds and stylish curtains, you can recreate the look in your own home.

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In The Press :: May Edition

Remember how only last month we were showing you Debs Cutting’s gorgeous new hallway in House Beautiful magazine, featuring our lovely Essential Oatmeal roman blind? (If you don’t, then maybe you should take a look- it’s right here)

Well imagine our surprise when we saw her name pop up again, but this time in Your Home magazine, with our blinds in another of her rooms! Continue reading

New In :: Crossley Blinds & Curtains

Here at tuiss, we’re devoted to bringing you the very best in design and style, which is why we like to keep an ear to ground and discover the latest trends, even before they happen.

And one trend, that is set to happen, is happening right now with our brand new Crossley collection! Cayenne spice, fruity Cranberry and soothing Sky tones. Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate :: Europe Day

At tuiss, we’re big lovers of goodwill and harmony, which is why we wanted to celebrate Europe Day, and hope you will too.

Europe Day is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. Now we’re not going to sit here and give you a history lesson (if you wanted to find out more, there’s information on the history and more here), but the most important thing is that it marks what is considered to be the beginning of the European Union. Continue reading

Spring Favourites

Every now and again, we like to take a peek into our stats page and see just how our posts are doing. Which ones are getting read, which ones are not, and this week we’ve noticed that you’ve been getting into the mood of spring and taking a look back at our Leaf & Stem post, all the way from 2012!

So this week, we’re giving it a refresh and showing you todays hottest and most popular Leaf and Flowers blinds and  curtains from across the store.

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Find a Perfect Balance :: Colours

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been showing you ways to find a perfect balance within your home, for complete harmony and revitalisation. In this post, we’re delving a little deeper and helping you to find your inner-zen, not with products or offers but through the use of colour.

We’ve previously touched upon the power of green within the home in an earlier post, but now we want to show you how to create an interior design that works, using more than just one colour. Continue reading

Find a Perfect Balance :: World Water Day

Since 1993, every year on this day (March 22nd), the United Nations General Assembly have dedicated their efforts to highlighting and preparing for water-related problems, especially with the ever-growing population. Their aim is to find a perfect balance to making a difference to current issues being faced and preparing for the future generations to come.

They raise the matters with a worldwide celebration of Water, within a different theme each year. 2015 sees the awareness campaign set to “Water and Sustainable Development”, in which water is linked to Health, Nature, Urbanisation, Industry, Energy, Food and Equality.






As part of the World Water Day celebrations, we’re offering savings on selected waterproof blinds across the site. This is for a limited time only, just look out for information in our e-newsletter or head to tuiss now.