Complete the Look :: Coastal


While summer holidays may be firmly behind us, you can still channel the seaside spirit in your home with some stylish and quirky coastal decor…

Sea Glass

sea glass project 1

In beautiful colour tones, all with a distinct and gorgeous texture, sea glass is a great touch for any coastal theme.

While you can buy it from various seaside shops and stalls – there’s also plenty of it on sale on eBay! – taking a stroll on the beach to search for it yourself can prove to be a relaxing and fun holiday activity.

Embed it in plaster to use as decoration in either bathrooms or kitchens, fill mason jars and vases with the stone-like shards to create a colourful and unique display or sprinkle it on your tabletops for a stunning centrepiece decoration.

Boat Bookcase


Cute and quirky, these gorgeous bookcases will create a stunning display unit for all your coastal trinkets or every day ornaments.

Whether they’re up-cycled from a boat itself or just fashioned to look like quaint rowing boats, these bookcases will create a fun and funky atmosphere in your home and also prove highly practical.

We particularly love this one from Not On The High Street – with added oars to create a beautifully realistic look, this bookcase will complete your nautical theme.



seagulls-summer-sky-54-special-roller-blind-2 freeport-delft-blue-36-roman-blind-2












Dressing your windows doesn’t have to be a dull affair – you can even pick up various patterns and colour schemes that will fit in nicely with the rest of your coastal decor!

This Freeport Delft Blue roman blind is a particularly good choice to give a nautical effect – the bold stripes have a distinct sea-bound feel to them and the beautiful blue hue will provide an excellent accent in your home.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun and interesting, why not try something like this Seagulls Summer Sky roller blind? Great for use in a bathroom or kitchen, this blind packs a fun-loving punch with it’s pattern of seagulls, perfect for bringing a little bit of the coast right into your home.

Starfish and Shells



Whether you use them in a garland form, like in the picture above, or you fill vases with them to create quirky displays, shells and starfish are an ideal way to create a truly coastal finish to your room, as well as adding a uniquely personal touch to your home.

We love the idea of using shells in bathroom displays – try pairing them with small glasses or vases with a little sand in to create a mini-beach or fill an ornate bowl (or a larger shell!) with them to give your room an interesting ornament.

Once again, while you can buy them from coastal towns and over the internet, there’s nothing more fun that spending a seaside day searching for shells on the beach with your family.

Driftwood Signs


We love decor that features cute little messages – from framed quotes to hanging signs, they really give your home a personal touch.

Combine this with a bit of driftwood and you’ve got a meaningful message that can be displayed alongside your coastal decor – even better, if you’re the creative type you can scour the beach for driftwood yourself and paint it with whatever message you like!

Complete the Look :: Rustic


The rustic look is a timeless and traditional style that is perfect for this time of year – as the world outside gets a little colder, your home will retain a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the space or funds to create a sprawling rustic theme such as the home above, but we’ve been searching for some of the best, most affordable accessories to help you give your home a rustic touch…
















Wooden walls are often a big feature of rustic decor but if you don’t already have wood foundations in your home, you can struggle to achieve this effect.

Rockett St George have the answer to your problem with this gorgeous Lumberjack Log wallpaper from their Engineer Collection.

With a stunning detail to the design, this wallpaper will give you the tools to create an eye-catching and unique statement wall in your room.

Fur Throws


Not only a brilliant decorative touch, fur throws are also a cosy option for oncoming winter months and these Luxurious Supersoft Fur Throws from Cox & Cox are no exception.

Perfect for either the bedroom or the lounge, you can use them as a gorgeous, decorative touch, or snuggle up in them and stay warm and cosy all winter.

Faux-Antler Chandelier



We want to stress that no deer were hurt in the making of this striking chandelier from Enzio Designs.

This stunning design is guaranteed to add a touch of rustic chic to home whist proving to be an eye-catching addition to your decor.




This gorgeous Spalted Ripple Hornbeam mirror is from Graham White Furniture and will prove a practical and perfect addition to a rustic environment.

With sweeping edges and the natural grain and texture of the timber left untouched, this mirror will not only add to the rustic sir in your home, it will also bring an outstandingly natural, organic feel.

Window Dressings

Mellow Oak & Natural

For an excellent finishing touch to your rustic style, extend it to your window dressings.

The Mellow Oak & Natural wooden blind with decorative tapes is an excellent choice for creating a traditional feel to your decor and the cotton tapes add a further touch of style.

However you can also use fabrics to create a rustic effect in your home, as shown by the gorgeous Lytham Macadamia curtains, pictured above.

Why Buy Made to Measure?

When there are thousands of ready-made products readily available on the high street, why should you take the time to consider in investing in something made to measure?

It may seem easier to purchase ready made wares but with some products, bespoke really has its benefits.



Have you ever been to your local furniture store, tape measure in hand and full of determination, only to be knocked back at every turn because that sofa you really love is just too big and the other one that fits perfectly is only okay?

Though most people decide to simply grin and bear it and settle for something maybe a shade under-sized or opt for a colour that is ALMOST right, buying made to measure can solve all of your problems.

Buying bespoke allows you to choose the exact size, the exact colour, material and style you want to achieve and it really is worth taking the time, effort and sometimes a little extra money to get just what you want.

After all, furniture is an important part of your home and something you’ll hopefully be able to enjoy for years and years, so surely it’s better to get it just right.


Ermenegildo Zegna Hosts 500 Hands Event With Jason Taylor And Bart Scott

Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding or that big interview you’ve been waiting for, you’ll want to look as smart as you feel.

While you can buy plenty of good quality off the rack items to “suit” the occasion, there’s just something about owning a fully tailored, bespoke suit that makes you swell with pride.

Not only will your suit be one of a kind, made especially for you, you’ll also have an outfit that you feel wholly comfortable in – a must for any special event.

Window Treatments


Buying made to measure blinds and curtains means you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the product you’ve ordered will fit your window perfectly.

There are lots of cheap, ready-made alternatives available and while this might be a good option for less frequented rooms (perhaps the spare bathroom of the west wing), for the places you’ll be spending most of your time, made to measure is a worthwhile investment.

It also allows you the freedom to choose which style, colour, fabric and even lining you’d like, meaning that you can fully customise your blinds or curtains to completely suit your needs.

You can give your room the perfect finishing touch that complements or contrasts with the rest of your decor, creating the look that you’ve been dreaming of.

Not only that, it saves you the time and effort of cutting ready made products down to size – often poorly! And the best part about it? The extra cost is minimal. How much is too much for the peace of mind that your blinds or curtains will be just right?


Here at tuiss, we’ve covered over three million windows with our own made to measure blinds, curtains and shutters, meaning that you can rest assured that you will receive the best customer service that we have to offer to ensure that you find the perfect blinds, curtains or shutters for your home.

Trending Now :: Leather Finishes

Leather is back in high demand this season. Durable and robust, this natural material has exploded its way into interior design. Here at tuiss, we can completely understand why.

Make a statement in your room with sumptuous leather furnishings- soften the effect by using throws or textured cushions to add eye-catching details.

There are also plenty of more subtle leather touches that you can add to your current decor, such as a stylish and modern lampshade or even an adorable little doggie doorstop- both can be seen on our mood board below.

However you choose to use it, leather accents will create an on-trend, stylish warmth to your room, adding a unique and sophisticated personality to your home.


Trending now :: Dazzling Blue

Pantone’s Dazzling Blue may be better known as their colour of Spring 2014. If you look at it a little more closely, you may even recognise it as the colour of choice for one of the social media giants- Facebook.

One of the main reasons we like this colour so much is because it is so versatile and can be used to create so many different moods around your home.

If you’re after a rustic, country chic feel or even a summertime coastal vibe, Dazzling Blue is the colour for you.

As well as classic themes, it can also be used to create a more funky, loud atmosphere if you’re looking to achieve a more modern and contemporary look to your room.

dazzling blue

Trending Now :: White Spaces

Under appreciated yet always there, our latest trending tone is that age old classic – white!

You might think that a white home is boring but we’d have to disagree. White is anything but boring.

This summer, simplicity is king and if you want to create an elegant, open and relaxed space white is definitely the way to go.

Chalky palettes, shabby chic finishes and relaxed linens add texture and tone to this clean look and help you to create a home that’s effortlessly chic.

Luckily, white is all around us, from crisp fabrics to whitewashed woods, this clean ‘colour’ can be found everywhere.

In fact, at tuiss we specialise in white, from wooden blinds to elegant curtains you can delve into a wonderland of white that will help you create a smart and sophisticated style.


Radiant Orchid In Your Dreams

Pantone’s colour of the year is a much anticipated and oft discussed topic in the world of design. Each year they choose the most popular colour for the forthcoming seasons and give it the moniker Colour of the Year.

In 2014 it was the turn of Radiant Orchid. An ‘expressive, creating and embracing purple’ it is supposed to draw your eye and disarm you with its charm.


Who are we to disagree with Pantone? Such a sweet, soft colour that’s also interesting and imaginative it somehow breathes life into its surroundings and provides a magical aura around itself.

So where else would you expect to find it than a Sabine Reinhart design. ‘In Your Dreams’ is typical of Sabine in that it is intricate, interesting and ethereal. It also uses Radiant Orchid to full effect, creating a magical garden of flora and fauna.

Head on over to tuiss to have a look at the design and the colour in all their glory.

in-my-dreams-54-special-roller-blind-1 in-my-dreams-54-special-roller-blind-2











Trending now : : Neon lights

We blogged last week about pastel shades making a splash on runways and interiors this season. Well, if muted colours leave you cold, why not add some real pop to your interior with bright neons.

Taking a leaf out of Ralph Lauren’s 2014 style book, luminous shades are a great way of bringing your home to life. Accents and accessories are probably the way to go, unless you want to end up with a permanent headache.

Adding flashes of colour in the form of light shades, crockery, photo frames and, wait for it…. a blind will showcase your personality and are perfect for contrasting with more subtle shades to bring variety and life to your home. Way to glow.



Trending now :: Pastel shades

As the seasons change so do the fashions and this week saw the London Fashion Show and catwalks awash with the latest designs for Spring Summer 2014. One of the recurring trends that jumped out at us most was an infusion of pastel colours adorning many of the models there.

Moving away from the warm metallic tones of winter and into a fresh new season, pastel shades are just perfect for lightening up your look.

What’s showcased on the runways is soon transferred to the home and pastel colours are set to be big in interior design this year too. Pastels are a great way to add colour to your home without compromising on space.

Mixing them with whites and creams or harmonising different tones will create a delicate look with tonnes of personality.  At Tuiss we have a wonderful range of Infusion roman blinds that are just the trick for adding pastel shades to your window.

From heather to duck egg, ultramarine to cameo pink you can use these blinds to soften your room’s look and keep it looking right on trend.The-Top-5-Trends-Hitting-The-Spring-Summer-2014-Catwalks-At-London-Fashion-Week-1_zps6d4531c5 

hbz-Hilfiger-nyfw14-01-de-sm Theyskens theory

Trending Now : : Chevrons

More of a tradition than a trend, chevron patterns have been adorning everything from ceramics to clothing for centuries. Now they’re back with a bang and you can see them at every turn. Whether on the catwalks or in the home, chevron patterns are all the rage right now.

This geometric zigzag design is the perfect blend of personality and simple style – but be careful not to use too much of it or it could leave you feeling more than a little queasy.

The best way to incorporate chevrons into your design is to pair them with bold colours and rich tones. That way, they don’t stand out too far and end up overpowering everything else in the room.

Using them as accents in a brave design scheme works a treat; a little cushion here, a rug there. The Totem Sitka roller blind is a great way to do just that. Putting it in with warm, Moroccan inspired colours such as terracotta and burnt orange will give your home a real cutting edge.


Chevron Moodboard