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Spring is here and with it comes gorgeous new trends ready to revitalise our homes. One of the big ones for Spring Summer 16 has to be the theme of ‘Tropic’. It’s bright, playful and takes inspiration from one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Tropics.

The Colours

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Celebrating the countries that line our equator, this trend looks to the canopy of trees in a rainforest, with the luscious greens and tropical brights.

Although the tones are bright, each of them have a slight undercurrent of black running through them, making them workable in an interior scheme.

The Materials

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A big portion of this trend relies on digital printing techniques, which thankfully we’re great at! Flora, fauna, creatures and critters, it’s all having the digital makeover experience. Reptiles, amphibians and insects are all getting their time to shine too, providing inspiration for patterns and designs.

Opposites Attract

The biggest aspect of the Tropics trend is the theme of contrast. The dark colours at the treetops with the brights of flowers on the ground. Digital prints finished with needlecraft. Golden yellows against the darkest blues.

Of course, if this trend has taken your fancy, then we’ve got a whole array of colours and patterns to dress your windows. Why not take a look through tuiss and start our next pinterest board? There’s no harm in looking, right?

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