Trend Watch :: Ripe

Back in the summer, we headed over to Decorex at Syon Park in London in search of inspiration for the seasons ahead.

Whilst there, we managed to squeeze into Marie Rouillon’s seminar on the big trends of Autumn/Winter 2016. We saw the colours forecast, as well as delving into the world of themes. The one that caught our eye? They call it ‘Ripe’.

As the name suggests, this trend takes its influence from both the natural world, as well as being provocative of times before. It’s not fresh colours or brand new experiences, but instead about heritage and history. The basis of this trend lies in the 17th Century; rich, shadowy palettes, opulent trims and intricate detailing all play their role.

The palette in generally a muted one, with a simple collection of hues. These tones make excellent accents in the more sophisticated rooms of the home, such as the home office, library or drawing room.

This trend is also all about the detail. From the intricate carvings, wood panelling and those beautiful curving legs on the furniture. There’s detailing on the textiles too; tassels, trims, rich embroidery, florals, motifs. It focuses on the craft, making you appreciate every minute of every hour spent on construction.
And the final piece to this trend puzzle that we know there’ll be no escaping from is the velvets! There was velvet on just about every exhibitor space of the show, and we know it’s going to be the big material of the year. The more pattern the better, and the deeper the tones, all the better too.
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  1. Who made those lush purple velvet curtains‽‽ I want 6 panels in 84″ length (minimum). Where can they be acquired today?

  2. Hi Rob. Unfortunately we no longer stock them, but you could take a look at our Libertine Amethyst Curtains instead, they make a great alternative!

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