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With the Wimbledon matches the talk of the town, we feel inspired to fire up the Barbie and enjoy a lovely Pimms o’Clock around the burning pit as the sun goes down. And to make it last even longer we’ve decided to bring the Pimms into your home and give it the ultimate in summer style!

Whether you fancy you have your own secret recipe or stick to the traditional, we’ve got the ingredients to cook up a storm in your home!


Lets start off with the staple ingredient. With it’s dark ruby red tone, Pimms is fantastic inspiration for dressing the more dramatic spaces, such as dining rooms where there’s more space to let the colour breathe.



Even though the Pimms to lemonade ratio is often disputed, one thing’s for certain, Lemonade is a must. Just like how the bubbles rising to surface, a lemonade inspired blind (especially vertical ones) can bring bubbles of air, great for utility rooms. Or add a hint of lemon yellow and you’ve got a stunning kitchen design.tuiss_pimmsblog2


An ingredient we tend to avoid any other time of year, but come summer it’s the taste on everyone’s lips, especially when it comes to cocktail season! Freshening up a home is simple with a good splash of mint green, especially in hallways.


A true summer classic, Strawberries are a delicious colourway to have in your home and super tasty when infused into a gorgeous roman blind for a romantic bedroom scene.



Orange, Apple, Cucumber

Finish off the look with a sprightly touch of colour in the kitchen, the very heart of the home and the perfect spot to get mixing up those cocktails.tuiss_pimmsblog4

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