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With winter on our doorstep, we’re really enjoying the comforting feel of soft fabrics in the home. Linen, naturally, is top of our list.

You may have noticed our recent newsletter extolling the virtues of linen. If you didn’t (or if you just love linen, like us, and want to read about it ALL the time) then here are 5 of the reasons linen is such a great choice.

Linen is…sophisticated

You know the feeling. You walk into a room dressed in linen and it has that ‘wow’ factor. You instantly feel like this is a place where quality matters. Well, all of that goes back to a time when flexibility was king and linen was king (or queen) of the flexible fabrics. We can’t see that prestige going away any time soon and we’re very happy about it!


Linen is…organic

We won’t bore you with the gory details of how linen is made, but traditionally it starts life as the humble flax plant. Nowadays the term has broadened, lots of man-made fabrics, especially polyester are given the moniker ‘linen’ so long as they have the look. But whether it’s the real deal or a quality lookalike, it means linen is ideal for creating that country chic look that never goes out of style.


Linen is…versatile

Whatever you want to do with linen, there’s a weave for that. Linen can be a heavy, cossetting fabric that makes your home feel cosy or it can be as light as a voile to give your space some light. That traditional flexibility carries right through to the modern day. No wonder its still so esteemed.


Linen is…flamboyant

With the advent of digital printers there’s no end to what linen can do. It can be used as a base cloth for the most vibrant of colours and patterns. Perfect for mixing modern and traditional styles.


Linen…feels good

There’s lots of complicated science that will tell you linen is great for helping your skin to breathe. We’re no scientists but we know what we like and we love the feel of linen. It feels great as a cushion cover and looks great too. Win-win.


So there we have it. Just some of the reasons we love linen. And if you’re still not convinced you can always order a free sample from tuiss and see for yourself!

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