Trend Watch :: Burst of Sunshine

When we’re not busy adding new products, tweeting or updating our Pinterest boards, we like to take a flick through the latest interior design and home style magazines, searching for inspiration and checking out what’s going to be hot and what’s not for the next seasons ahead.

With the summer sun shining and daisies popping up all over the meadows, yellow is fast becoming the colour of choice, but most of us haven’t a clue on how to even begin to work it. Fear not, tuiss are here to help!

“I want to bring yellow into my room but painting the walls would be too much. What can I do?”

For yellow to have any chance, you have to go bold. Whilst some people think walls might be too much, blinds and curtains are certainly a good place to start. If you’re a true novice, opt for a pattern, like Scion’s Dhurrie, the Haversham French Mustard or Gardenia Amber to gently ease you in.


“But what about the rest of the room? What colours work with yellow?”

Now this really depends on the tone of yellow you’re choosing, but in general cooler colours are better. Think greys and pastels, or even the odd blue. Sunshine yellow and cool slate grey is a combo that we’re seeing popping up time and time again.


“I have yellow walls, but I’m not sure how to dress my windows.”

If you’ve taken the plunge with a yellow room then we salute you. You clearly have a lot of colour confidence! Just as yellow works with grey, grey also works wonderfully with yellows. Keep them soft though, else you’ll overwhelm the room, and with minimal pattern.



However, a instant win with yellow is white. Think light and airy. Voiles are a fab place to start, as are shutters. If you block out too much of the natural light, the room will start to feel cramped.





Have you recently added a burst of sunshine to your home? We’d love to hear/see about it. Tag us in your instagram pictures, or use the hashtag #tuissblinds and we may even share a few of them.

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