Trend Watch :: The New Neutral

Once upon a time, almost every home up and down the country would have Magnolia walls, creamy sofas and neutral blinds or curtains to match.

But, there’s a new neutral in town and it changes the whole game.

A game changer

No longer do you have to stick to light colours, heck you don’t even have to stick to traditional colours for almost anything. We’re seeing blue wooden floors, dark ceilings and a lot of dusky pink.



But the thing that has caught our attention the most (and has been forecast as one of the biggest trends of AW16) is grey as a base neutral. Grey is no longer a bland colour that’s cold and uninviting. With tones that welcome almost every shade under the sun, there’s a whole lot more than just fifty shades. Hints of red, blue, green even purple shine through, creating such a multi-dimensional palette.


Ahead of the game

We hate to brag, but we’d like to say that we’re a little ahead of the curve. Back in the summer we launched our gorgeous Urban Heritage range of wooden blinds, which is home to a whole lot of grey. Then came the Lancaster and the Finsbury fabrics, with, you guessed it, even more greys.


Plenty to choose from



How it’s done

The beauty of grey as a neutral is that it was born to be layered. Gradual hues built up, or with a dash of an inky blue or even a dusky pink. So you can layer a wooden blind with a pair of curtains, or even blind on blind.

With plenty of roman, roller, wooden and vertical blinds, as well as a lovely collection of curtains in grey, there’s plenty of shades to choose from so you can find your perfect match.

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