The geekiest furniture on earth!

When it comes to home furnishings, you just can’t beat a bit of geek influence! Geek chic is a big and popular niche these days, and we think the geekier you are, the cooler you are! Here are some of our favourite geeky designs which will make your home great!

The Motherboard of coffee tables


This table is fantastic! Superbly functional and the perfect height for magazines and the occasional cup of tea, this fantastic looking kitchen table is nothing more than embedded computer mother boards overlaid with a glass top. So simple yet so effective.
The top nerds out there can enjoy themselves trying to recognise motherboards they know and love!

The Nintable!


This is the perfect table for anyone whose life revolves around playing video games. This table looks just like an original Nintendo Entertainment System controller, and believe it or not, it actually works as a controller! the perfect combination of geek cool!

The keyboard bench


this keyboard inspired bench or chair, depending on your size, is fabulous! Ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as it is cool ,this is going to make a real geek statement in your home!

The pixel sofa


The pixel sofa is an awesome combination of geek chic and true comfort. Because this particular piece of furniture only really takes its colour from geek inspiration, it means that it is every bit as comfy as any other settee. The pixellated design means though that it is a real riot of colour!

Tetris Table!


You may have to be a certain age to really appreciate just how popular this game was on the Original Gameboy. Of course, that was a black and white hand held console, which didn’t really matter to the game play, but we’re glad that this table has gone against being completely faithful to the original Tetris and brightened itself up! It looks fantastic and would brighten up any geek’s living space!

The periodic table table!


Amazingly this fantastic looking coffee table is nothing more than the efforts of a novice furniture maker! it just goes to show that if you have that inner geek mindset, you can achieve anything!

Rubik’s cube table


There’s no way that any collection of geeky furniture could possibly be complete without a Rubik’s cube related object! this simple table is so striking and perfectly replicates the old children’s puzzle classic. we think that this table is even better, because you don’t have to try to do complete the puzzle!

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