Introducing :: Scion Living at tuiss

We’ve certainly been pretty busy over recent months, bringing you hundreds of new products and of course the new Electric Smart Raise headrail.

But we’ve left our most exciting one until now… Scion fabrics and tuiss have collaborated to bring you the fabulous Scion Living Collection!

And in case you haven’t heard of Scion fabrics, their award winning designs have been stealing the hearts of interior designers and lifestyle magazines the nation over, with their forward thinking, cutting edge and distinctive designs.


Using only the finest fabrics, Scion designs take their influences from all over the globe. From Japanese motifs to South American ikats, each fabric has its own distinct flavour, all the while staying true to Scion’s own unique brand of contemporary flair.


Whether it’s modern tribal, glamorous graphics or organic florals these Scion designs are brought to life in true tuiss style. Explore this vibrant kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and designs and create yourself a look that’s cutting edge, eclectic and beautifully upbeat at


What’s more, we’re not done yet. We’ve got even more exciting launches on their way, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our facebook and twitter pages!

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