MDUK Day at tuiss

Unless you’ve been living under rock, or maybe just don’t follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (if not, then why not?) then you would have seen by now that we launched the Maya Sunset orange roller blind for MDUK with a bang!

We’re not going to retell the story again to how the blind all came about (you can read that here). This is instead the story of what happened on the official launch day, Thursday 30th July 2015.  

After months of twitter banter, tuiss surprises and hard work,

we decided it was finally time to get Hayley Lloyd and Tommy to tuiss HQ, along with people from MDUK to help us to launch the very special Maya roller blind. We held our very own Wear Orange to Work Day to celebrate  

What Hayley didn’t know was that the surprises were not over yet…

She gave a passionate speech about what living with Tommy’s Muscular Dystrophy was like (the whole office was almost in tears), and her fundraising efforts. Then, as we presented her with the blind made up to her correct  window measurements, we had to make one final jibe at her terrible measuring skills and got someone close to her heart to deliver a tiny Maya Sunset Orange.

That person was George Gilbey.

George, who is a Gogglebox and Celebrity Big Brother star, has helped Hayley with her MDUK fundraising efforts before (their story is a whole other chapter), and the look on Hayley’s face was one to remember…

And all that followed after that has been incredible.

Hayley, Tommy, George, MDUK and tuiss received plenty of press attention…

and even got a tweet from MDUK’s CEO Robert Meadowcroft..

The next day we made the beautiful design our #FabricFriday

and it recieved some kind words too..

And even got a sweet shoutout from George…

So if you’re feeling inspired, head over to tuiss now and make the Maya Sunset Orange roller blind your only choice.


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