Guest Blog: Matching Your Sofa with the Right Curtains and Blinds

Living rooms are the social hub of most homes – it’s where we relax with friends and family. It’s important that you invest in furnishings that are functional as well as stylish. The sofa is highly regarded as the centrepiece of the living room, while the curtains and blinds are the vital finishing touch. All the best interior designers advise that the sofa should complement the curtains or blinds in your home.

That’s why we’ve invited Beth, from Meet Your Sofa – a create-your-own sofa retailer, to pair up their sofas with our curtains and blinds for your inspiration…


Perfect Pairing No. 1




Jasper 2 Seater Sofa

Retro meets edgy and produces the magnificent Jasper 2 Seater Sofa. This compact sofa is fantastic for those of you who are a bit short of space in your home. Available in woven fabrics, cotton linen and textured weave, it’s truly a versatile fit for any living room. The Jasper 2 Seater Sofa is best paired with…

Beaumont Linen Barley Curtains

Deliciously rustic and delicately woven, the Beaumont Linen Barley Curtains are a fine choice for the Jasper 2 Seater Sofa. Modeled on countryside cottage chic, these curtains have a gentle, luxurious feel to them, while remaining incredibly durable.


Perfect Pairing No. 2




Edinburgh Corner Sofa

You certainly won’t want to highland fling this Edinburgh Corner Sofa away anytime soon. Crazily comfortable, this sofa is a modern twist on an old favourite. This versatile sofa is naturally fabulous and even more naturally squishy. That’s why it’s a match made in heaven with…

Herringbone Bands Twill Roller Blinds

Just like the Edinburgh Corner Sofa, the Herringbone Bands Twill Roller Blinds combine traditional style with a hint of a smart contemporary vibe. The fabric has been expertly woven and you can choose from standard, blackout or thermal backings to enhance these gorgeous blinds even more!


Perfect Pairing No. 3




Charleston 3 Seater Sofa

The Charleston 3 Seater Sofa is super luxurious and super comfy. The scrolled arms give it a beautifully vintage look, while the sofa cushions are extra padded. The Charleston 3 Seater Sofa matches well with…

Hermitage Pewter Curtains

A regal pair of curtains, fit for a luxury sofa, the Hermitage Pewter Curtains feature gorgeous swirls and ornate patterning for a real opulent feel. The crushed velvet fabric goes well with the classic look of the Charleston 3 Seater Sofa and the silver-grey tones match well with almost any living room colour scheme.


Perfect Pairing No. 4




Neptune Armchair

Neptune was the Roman god of the sea – which explains why we named the Neptune Armchair after the tranquility of the deep blue oceans. Incredibly attractive, the Neptune Sofa is the perfect place for a snuggle, a snooze or socialising. That’s why we think it teams well with…

Infusion Milk Chocolate Curtains

Seeing as the Neptune Armchair is a tribute to the calming oceans, we think the earthy hues of the Infusion Milk Chocolate Curtains work incredibly well with this sofa. These curtains work in tandem with both light and dark decor schemes, making them a very versatile choice for any living room!


Perfect Pairing No. 5




Windsor Corner Sofa

Not only will you have room for all your friends, the Windsor Corner Sofa also saves you heaps of space in the living room. The exposed wooden feet give this sofa an airy vibe which matches perfectly with…

Essential Soft Cream Wooden Blinds

A classic choice to match a classic sofa, the Essential Soft Cream Wooden Blinds create a warm and welcoming look in your living room. They’re a great choice if you want to brighten up the room and complement the fresh design of the Windsor Corner Sofa. These blinds are fantastic for creating the shabby chic look, as well as the contempo-classic design scheme hybrid.


Feeling inspired? Visit today to start customising your very own sofa!

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