tuiss Loves : : Julie Dodsworth

Julie Dodsworth’s wonderfully English designs are inspired by her time spent on British canals watching the beautifully painted boats go by. Her colourful, floral designs delightfully depict real English heritage and are available on a range of different products on her website and in stores throughout the country. We’re huge fans of her unique blend of modern kitsch and traditional British design.


Rose Cottage


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The tuiss colour search is our most used feature on the site, a quick and easy method of filtering by your chosen colour. Whilst White remains our most popular single colour there is a veritable rainbow of colours available.

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tuiss love :: Palmer and Sons bespoke leather


Palmer and Sons are based in Vancouver, Canada and produce some simply stunning leather goods.

Leather is a controversial product with many pros and cons to its use. In cases like this we feel a quality product that lasts for generations is one way to square the circle, when it is handled with the love and care that Palmer and Sons give every single one of their products we think it deserves a little tuiss love, just please choose the vegetable tan leather.

At Palmer And Sons we make all of our designs with only our own hands in Vancouver, Canada.  My son Jack and myself design, prototype and produce each design one at a time from start to finish. Using traditional methods, heritage materials and vintage tools to bring you designs that are timeless and peaceful in their principles.  We hope you enjoy our limited issue designs, we feel they speak to a slow, calm, and more enjoyable mode of life.

Leather Suitcase No 03 XXS

Leather Suitcase No 03 XXS

Leather Gladstone No 10 L

Leather Gladstone No 10 L

Leather WorkBag No 11

Leather WorkBag No 11

They also have a blog which is worth a read.