Trending Now : : Chevrons

More of a tradition than a trend, chevron patterns have been adorning everything from ceramics to clothing for centuries. Now they’re back with a bang and you can see them at every turn. Whether on the catwalks or in the home, chevron patterns are all the rage right now.

This geometric zigzag design is the perfect blend of personality and simple style – but be careful not to use too much of it or it could leave you feeling more than a little queasy.

The best way to incorporate chevrons into your design is to pair them with bold colours and rich tones. That way, they don’t stand out too far and end up overpowering everything else in the room.

Using them as accents in a brave design scheme works a treat; a little cushion here, a rug there. The Totem Sitka roller blind is a great way to do just that. Putting it in with warm, Moroccan inspired colours such as terracotta and burnt orange will give your home a real cutting edge.


Chevron Moodboard


Skull Blinds by tuiss

You ask and we deliver, that’s the Tuiss way. Last year we posted about skulls trending in the interior design world and had a fantastic response. While some of you loathed the bejewelled skeletons, there were a great many of you who fell in love with these unique patterns.

So now we’ve just launched our very own versions of these strikingly beautiful skulls. Our Los Muertos range of roller blinds is inspired by Mexico’s day of the dead or ‘dia de los muertos’ and make a wonderful centre piece to your home.

Not only that, they form part of our Options collection which lets you choose between standard, blackout and thermal backings to suit your needs. The skulls are available in goldwhiteicy bluestarlight and are guaranteed to turn heads whenever you have visitors to stay. Head over to Tuiss now to check them out.

los-muertos-starlight-54-special-roller-blind-2los-muertos-white-54-special-roller-blind-2los-muertos-ice-54-special-roller-blind-2 los-muertos-gold-54-special-roller-blind-2


tuiss Loves Tartan

There are few more evocative and distinctive patterns than a traditional Highland tartan. The distinguished plaids and checks incite images of wood cabins, log fires and the great outdoors.

Creating this classy, laird-like look in your home can prove a little tricky. Such a strong and recognisable design can seem overpowering and garish. However, by using the right combinations of colours in the right spots you can fashion a gorgeous Gaelic getaway clad in your very own clan tartan.

Less is definitely more when creating your Scotch nest egg. Subtle tartan accents in rugs and runners, cushions and covers or even a feature wall lined in tartan paper is just enough to help create a smart and sophisticated style.

A blind is also a great way to introduce tartan into your home. At Tuiss we have a range of tartan style designs in a host of elegant colour combinations to suit any home. There’s the Buchan Plaid Grey, with its classic mixture of grey, black and neutral tones. Then there’s the Sloane Chelsea roman with its grown up Gingham checks.

For something even more striking, try the Buchan Plaid Red roman blind, combining faded salmon with raspberry red for a charming country tartan style.

tuiss Tartan

Trending Now : : Proud Peacocks

Always on the lookout for trends, this season we’ve spotted a few flamboyant feathers winging their way into people’s homes. Proud peacocks are the inspiration, with rich tones and distinctive plumage adorning everything from cushions to couches.

Ever the exhibitionists, peacocks love to put on a display and with a mix of emeralds, teals and other jewel tones you can ensure your home is the star of the show.

As ever, at Tuiss we have a blind to match – a couple in fact! Our exclusive collaboration with designer Sabine Reinhart has produced peacocks galore on her elaborate and intriguing Kimaya and Royal Meadow designs. They even have a choice of lining so you can make your home practical as well as pretty!


Top 5 Flamboyant Blinds by tuiss

Today we’re bringing you our top five flamboyant Tuiss blinds that will breathe colour and life into your home.

First up is our bright and beautiful Options Pride roller blind. All the colours of the rainbow merge into one to ensure your home looks exciting, exuberant and fun.


Next is our funky Options Retro Shapes Orange blind. The contrast of bright orange, sepia and grey in a cool geometric pattern works wonders.


Third in our list is an exclusive Sabine Reinhart design. Options Always Yours is an intricate and intriguing take on floral design that will wow your neighbours.


Think nature’s boring? You won’t when you see this Aventura Psychedelic roman blind in a loud combination of vivid colours, complete with a parrot.


Last but not least is our Il Padrino Pop Art design that brings a touch of Warhol glamour to your home to brighten up your day.


Trending Now : : Berry Shades

Colours are all important when coming up with a theme for your home. The seasons play a part too. Who wants cool pastel blues during those cold winter months? So we’ve come up with a new mood board that’s much more suited to the time of year.

Soft berry shades of amethyst and crimson, violet and orchid will give your home a warm and comforting feel and harmonise beautifully with one another.

Whether you want to go all out or just add a few simple accents to your design scheme, these colours will create a soothing atmosphere that lets you snuggle up away from the winter weather outside.

Berry Shades


Introducing, ‘options’ by tuiss

New year, new blinds! We hope you had a wonderful holiday and Santa delivered everything you wanted. But the new year is out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to give up the fags, dry yourself out and hit the gym. For a week.

If you’re after something that will last a little longer than a half-hearted attempt to get fit, then we have a brand new collection of exclusive blind designs that could be right up your street.

Our Options collection features some stunning patterns designed by our in-house team. They range from the subtle and sophisticated to the radical and the risqué. We’re particularly enamoured with our salacious Temptation design.

temptation-azure-54-special-roller-blind-2 pride-54-special-roller-blind-2striptease-red-54-special-roller-blind-2 seagulls-summer-sky-54-special-roller-blind-2





















What’s more, you can choose your lining option, be it standard, blackout or energy saving to suit your needs.

So put down the selection box and select your brand new and exclusive new roller blind from Tuiss. A magical way to start 2014.

Celebrate Quentin Blake’s Birthday with tuiss!

Today is a special day in the world of children’s literature. Celebrating his 81st birthday is illustrator Quentin Blake, famed for his iconic drawings that accompanied the stories of Roald Dahl. Inimitable and unique, Blake has received hundreds of accolades for his work and is recognised the world over.

We think his drawings would look lovely on a pair of curtains or a set of blinds – the perfect way to finish off a child’s room. Perhaps in the near future we could see some of his illustrations on Tuiss… wink, wink!

roald-dahl-bfg-49-fabric roald-dahl-chocolate-factory-49-fabric roald-dahl-enormous-crocodile-49-fabric roald-dahl-matilda-49-fabric

tuiss Loves : : Klaus Haapaniemi

Over the festive period it’s nice to add a touch of magic to your home’s interior. Our latest love, Klaus Haapaniemi, can help you do just that.

Inspired by Finnish folklore and influenced by nature, his range of hand printed and hand embroidered products have a distinctive style that’s absolutely enchanting.

Animals and florals abound, these wonderful designs are a unique take on traditional patterns that will give your home a mysterious and magical look.

running_fox_linen blue-rabbit-small crane01 running_rabbit_linen