A Stylish Combination – Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds

This may seem like an odd combination but it can work wonders if you’re using your roman blind outside the window recess.

Decorative Touch


The panelled finishes of our roman blinds can make a beautiful decoration at your window, especially if you’ve chosen a bright and beautiful pattern or design, and sometimes that’s exactly how people want to use them.

Rather than compromise the light control and protection at your window, you can use a roller blind inside the recess to make sure the window stays covered when you need it to.

Double the Protection


If you’d rather have a view during the day but full protection at night, you can always use a voile or magic screen roller blind (you can compare the two here) to ensure that you still have plenty of natural light in your home during the daylight hours.

If you have a roman blind fitted above your window, outside the recess, you can then drop that down in the evenings to cover your window fully and make sure no one can see in.

Beautiful Blending


If your room features different shades and hues, you can use this stylish combination to further accentuate the colour scheme in your room.

Go for a neutral or solid colour to keep in with the accents in your room and then accessorise with a bright and bold pattern or design to add a zing of personality to your home!

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