In The Press :: Elegantly Effervescence

Meet Hannah: When she first brought her home in Hertfordshire, the kitchen was impractical. But now she’s finally taken the plunge and created one that’s not only spacious and practical, but one that’s ever so stylish too.

And of course, it wouldn’t have made its way onto this page unless she’s made one key choice- choosing tuiss for her blind needs.

And which gorgeous one did she choose? The Effervescence Pink roman blind of course!


Now, we’re devoted to bringing you the best for your home, and with styles changing with the seasons; you could say our blinds are ‘Limited Edition’.

And you could say that Style at Home magazine is doing a bit of a Kate Middleton and hiding their favourite blinds until they’re out of production. (Well, at least that’s what we like to think, seeing as we stopped making the Effervescence Pink roman blind a little while back.)

But we loved this article all the same and had to share it with you still, for Hannah’s taste and tips are simply impeccable!


So whilst the blind may not be available, there’s plenty of similar (and not so similar if you’d prefer) blinds and curtains on our site, which you can enjoy all the same!

If you’re tickled pink, why not check out these blushing beauties? 


Or if you’re after a little flower power then these should certainly suit your fancy:


Whatever your style, you can find the one that’s perfect for you at

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