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We know we’re not the only people who, when cleaning out a room, drawer or box, spends ages going through all the nostalgic pieces, cherishing the memories that they hold. Sometimes it makes us remember our achievements, whether academically or just personally. Anyway, we digress.

Recently, we were helping the tech team on a project they were working on and as a result had to create a log of all the times we’ve ever been featured, mentioned, showcased or involved in a magazine or newspaper. And we were quite shocked to discover just how many of them there were.



50? 100? 200? No, a total of 320 times. More if you count the times we’ve been in multiple publications by the same publishing group. But these are usually the small local free mags, so listing each one can be an endless chore. And in how many publications? Well only about 100.


Can you believe that there are that many that deal with home decor and interior design?

So how did it all kick off?

It started back in 2010, at the start of the year, and we can’t quite remember exactly which publication came first, but it’s between the Sunday Mirror, Stylist Magazine, Scottish Sunday Mail or The People. Quite an impressive first month, don’t you think?

tuiss-press-april16And the most popular publication for tuiss so far? Well it has to be Your Home magazine, with 57 mentions to date. That’s around 10 a year, and for a monthly magazine, it’s very impressive!


There’s album of some of our more retro ones over on Facebook. Click here to take a browse.

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