In The Press :: Paprika

If you’re looking for a warm design scheme to keep you feeling cosy throughout the winter, Grand Designs have the answer – paprika! tuiss-HOTP-09.11-4 This bold, welcoming colour is ‘mellower than tangerine and softer than burnt orange’. As Goldilocks would say ‘it’s just right’. tuiss-HOTP-09.11-3 We wholeheartedly agree. They’ve even used our Amala Living collection to highlight just how good this Mediterranean style can look. tuiss-HOTP-09.11-1 If you love it (and why wouldn’t you?) then you’re in luck. You can buy the blinds, wallpaper, cushions and rug all from tuiss. For the furniture, check out for similar styles. tuiss-HOTP-09.11-2 There are lots of other amazing ‘Buy the Look’ styles in our Scion Living by tuiss section so if paprika doesn’t float your boat, why not have a look at some other curated styles? Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them in future issues of Grand Designs.

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