tuiss Loves :: Holly’s House

If you’re struggling to find an unusual gift then look no further than these beautiful and unique stamps from Holly’s Houses.

Taken from a photograph, Holly creates a beautiful rubber stamp that can then be used to personalise all sorts of things. The perfect gift for those that already have everything…. and particularly great for stationery nuts. (There’s more of them than you think!)

Holly Stamps


tuiss Loves :: Alice Palace

Alice Palace is home to the creative loveliness of Alice and her range of greeting cards, canvases, cushions and lots more. Featuring “curious illustrations and words to make you smile”, Alice Palace is a lovely find on a chilly snowy day!

Alice Palace is totally original, sometimes surprising, rather quirky, incredibly interesting and very fresh.

Britain wrapped up bag

The Peacock And The Peahen

tuiss Loves :: Richard Brendon

Richard Brendon is the designer responsible for these absolutely gorgeous ceramics with their quirky take on traditional style. Having achieved a cult following we’re pretty sure that these willow pattern ceramics will be everywhere very soon.

By photographing details from old pieces of Willow Pattern crockery, he has created ceramic transfers, which are applied to fine bone china and produced in Stoke-on-Trent. The small, familiar details ensure this china is at home in a country cottage, where it evokes a sense of nostalgia, as well as a modern city apartment, where the simple circular details set against brilliant white china brings a reassured sense of style.

Richard Brendon china

tuiss Loves :: Bottle Green Homes

Bottle Green Homes is home to some really beautiful gifts and treasures. We are particularly liking the determined dachshund!

Opting for individuality and quality over bland mass production, we have only chosen items that we would have in our own home. We believe in supporting business within the British Isles, allowing local communities to exist and develop. We think you will be inspired and amazed at the talent that comes from our shores.

tuiss Loves :: Warbeck & Cox

With grasshopper, beetle and moth themes you can’t fail to want some Warbeck & Cox in your life! Including tea towels, gift tags, mirrors and aprons, plus a whole lot more, there’s plenty of choice.

Warbeck & Cox is a new design company that aims to bring stylish, good quality and fun to your home. All our products are created in-house by Caroline Cox in her countryside barn-come studio where she draws on her surroundings for  inspiration. Caroline’s interest in textiles began many moons ago when she played with her Granny’s button collection beside the fire.  From there she has knitted, stitched, gathered ideas and hey presto… Warbeck & Cox has been born!

tuiss Loves :: Sarah Moore Vintage

Just how cute is this acorn? Just one of a number of lovely gifts at Sarah Moore Vintage, all lovingly crafted from vintage bits and pieces. So lovely you might consider wearing this little autumnal friend on your coat, then again you could always opt for an equally gorgeous corsage and leaves.

Sarah is the all time biggest fan of vintage fabric, haberdashery and wallpaper and making mistress of old fashioned and vintage inspired pieces.

Stitched carefully using vintage blanket materials and local wool stuffing these are perfect for popping in your sewing basket, but pretty enough just to hang around the house from their vintage velvet ribbon.

About twice the size of a really fat natural acorn, nestling in two oak leaves.

tuiss Loves :: Bombay Duck

Think of Bombay Duck and you’ll probably think of home accessories with a touch of Indian style. Taking a peek at their current collections though there’s also a lot more besides. There’s one thing all the products have in common though, they’re gorgeous!

Bombay Duck is a hive of creativity and inspiration, drawing from a patchwork world of people, colour and places, we dedicate ourselves to designing home interiors and accessories that are more than trinkets and trimmings, they are invitations for you to create, dream and imagine.

tuiss Loves :: Volpe and Volpe

Drifting serenely across your screen right now, these swans are glorious vintage style brought to life with right-now current colours. Volpe and Volpe is all about taking yester year and adding a little modern twist.

The future for British ceramics is all about delivering good, functional designs that are practical, and beautiful but are fun and modern as well.

tuiss Loves :: Angie Lewin

As we move from one season to the next the work of printmaker Angie Lewin caught my eye.

Inspired by the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands Angie’s designs depict windy cliff tops, salt marshes and places of total wilderness. Using wood engraving, silkscreen and collage, among other techniques, her work is restful and beautiful.

She sees the beauty in all seasons and all manifestations of plants: the ordered pattern of the blooms, the thrusting energy of the emerging buds, the prolific seedheads and the varieties of shapes, colours and habits to be found in meadow and border.

tuiss Loves :: Orwell & Goode

We are suckers at tuiss for quirky designs and we so easily fall head over heels if you also happen to involve a rabbit, deer or some other wild animal in the design!

Based in Scotland, Orwell and Goode with their love of the unusual, and their very clever and beautiful designs are therefore a big hit with us. Original designs featuring native Scottish animals have been screen printed onto tote bags, tea towels, lampshades and more. How can you resist the Dandy Doe art print (a deer in Victorian drag) or beautiful hand-printed silk lampshade featuring a night time highland scene of silhouetted stags?

A smiley duo of designer printmakers based in Scotland. The pair make an interesting combination which is evident in their creations. Together they make beautiful things for living, dining and giving. They like to make the usual a little unusual, make the ordinary, extraordinary! And together they make everything ‘all well and good!’.