Bamboo blinds :: sustainable beauty by tuiss

tuiss bamboo blinds are not only beautiful but tick the eco-credential box in a big way.

Bamboo is the uber sustainable wonder product. A few quick facts for you. It grows incredibly fast, some species grow one and a half meters a day. A softwood can take 10-20 years to mature, while bamboo can be harvested in 3-5 years. Bamboo will also release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees and absorbs far more carbon dioxide.  (All facts courtesy of the Environmental Bamboo Foundation.)

Choosing a bamboo blind keeps it stylish and it’s kind to the environment. There are five blinds in the range from the lightest chalk through to deepest darkest walnut. Keep it light and airy with the kirin or play to the nigra’s dark side with a cutting edge exclusive look. Our stylist and photographer have produced these beautiful shots that showcase the blinds perfectly.

Kirin 2


Kitsune 2


Honey 2






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Kirin :: This bleached timber has a fine and delicate grain. The colour hues vary from pale chalky cream through to an extremely soft and fine light grey, adding just a touch of texture.

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Kitsune :: The combination of grain and small knot feature gives this paler blind real character. The colour is distinctive and varies from pale straw tones through to light brown.

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Shu :: The wooden Shu blind is beautifully grained from the darkest hazelnut lightening through to soft caramel. This blind will bring sophistication wherever it is used.


Nigra :: This blind, reminiscent of dark walnut has a lovely interlocking grain texture which includes a harmonising light brown that gives this blind just a touch of brightness.


Honey :: The classic Bamboo Honey blind is a colour similar to a traditionally stained pine. The grain of this blind is brought to life with slight waves and the occasional knot detail.

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