In the Garden :: Water Features

Serenity Scapes Water Feature
Whether it’s the sound of the water as it gently trickles away, easing you into relaxation or the joy of having a little place in your garden that you can sit and watch the fish swim around, there’s something special about water features.

Not every garden is large enough to incorporate one shown above so what alternatives are out there for you?

Kingfisher Twin Jug and Rock Garden

You can try a self-contained water feature- these are a great addition for smaller gardens where there might not be enough room to install a pond. With built in pumps and circulating systems, all you need to do is fill them up and turn them on- they do the rest of the work themselves.

Small Fountain

If you’ve got a small pond that you want to add a little fizz of life to, you can install one of these little fountains in the centre. It may not be a sprawling waterfall worthy of a Beverly Hills mansion but it will give you little pond a fresh and exciting new life as well as feeling like a whole new fixture in your garden.

Primo Landscaping

For a more stylised garden, why not try a cool, contemporary water feature design? Primo Landscaping Ltd offer this modern design that works perfectly both in and out of a pond, meaning that you can use the space in your garden as wisely as possible.

Our favourite idea has to be this Patio Pond water feature.

Patio Pond

It features a little fountain in the self contained pond, as well as space around the edge of the dish for small plants and flowers- such a great idea and cute as a button.

So which type of water feature will work best in your garden? Do let us know…

In the Garden :: Invisible Trellis

Using trellis is an excellent way to encourage flowers or vines to wind their way up your garden fence or even an outhouse wall but it can prove to be a bit of an eyesore when first installed.


The best way to achieve the same natural growing effect without the bulky, unsightly wood on show is to create your own invisible trellis using a fine wire for the plants and vines to grow around.

Whether you’re happy with a simple bottom to top design or if you’d prefer a fanned effect for your flowers, putting your own trellis together gives you complete freedom to design it however you prefer.

Invisible Trellis Ideas

All you need is a little imagination, some fishing wire and a handful of eye hooks- once you’ve decided on a design, just mark out where you need the hooks to go, screw (or drill if you’re putting them into brickwork) them into place and thread the fishing wire through the eyes, knotting it around each hook as you go.

Fishing Wire Eye Hooks

Then all you’ll need to do is wrap a few vines from your plant around the trellis and let nature take its course- within a few weeks the plant will be climbing the trellis easily, creating a beautiful and natural effect in your garden.


For more in depth instructions, you can take a look at eHow’s guide to making an invisible trellis right here.

Trending Now :: Leather Finishes

Leather is back in high demand this season. Durable and robust, this natural material has exploded its way into interior design. Here at tuiss, we can completely understand why.

Make a statement in your room with sumptuous leather furnishings- soften the effect by using throws or textured cushions to add eye-catching details.

There are also plenty of more subtle leather touches that you can add to your current decor, such as a stylish and modern lampshade or even an adorable little doggie doorstop- both can be seen on our mood board below.

However you choose to use it, leather accents will create an on-trend, stylish warmth to your room, adding a unique and sophisticated personality to your home.


In the Garden :: A Place to Relax…

Whether you have a sprawling landscape to work with or a small, modest yard, it’s always important to make sure that there’s a place to relax in your garden.

For those times that the sun is shining and you just want to be outside and also for those moments when you need a little me time, there really is nothing better then being able to stroll outside, settle yourself down and just… Relax.

We’ve been searching for some inspiration ourselves and found these excellent ways to give your garden a unique spot for you to let your hair down.

A Hammock


Hammocks always make me think of warm, sandy beaches a clear blue seas so what better way to relax with a few added cushions and a cosy throw? You’ll have a little piece of paradise in your own back yard.

Up-Cycled Pallets

Feeling creative? If you can get yourself a couple of old pallets, you can create your own garden lounger to relax on! Not only will it be a fun project for you, it will also give you some unique and quirky patio furniture… And a great place to put your feet up after a busy day!

You can find instructions here, from hgtv and there are some other great ideas for how to incorporate pallets into your outdoor decor on 1001 Pallets.

Reading Nook


Take inspiration from this simplistic garden design and find a lovely nesting chair that you can convert into your own little reading nook. After a hard day’s work, you can pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and lose yourself in your latest novel- perfection!



For those of you who prefer a little luxury, why not splash out on your very own hot tub? Perfect for those summer nights, relaxing by candlelight as you let the worries from the day wash away… Well, we can dream, can’t we?

tuiss loves :: Rockett St George


Rockett St George are an online retailer that specialise in unique and quirky home wares. Their exquisite ranges cover everything from artwork to garden furniture as well as wallpaper, kitchenware and some of the most interesting accessories we’ve ever seen.

We could sing their praises all day long but instead we thought we’d just focus on a handful of our favourite products to give you an idea of what they have to offer.

Chalboard Life Planner with Hooks by Rockett St George



Their Chalkboard Life Planner is a particularly eye-catching wall decoration with a practical purpose. Not only does it give you a place to write down the weeks important appointments, it also offers a series of hooks that you can use to hang those handy things that you need to take out with you. It’s a great way to add a little fun to your home organisation and also means that you’re less likely to forget about that dentist appointment that you’ve been avoiding…






Whale Trays by Thomas Paul




Although they offer a huge range of kitchen accessories- placemats and plates galore as well as a colourful range of tea towels and napkins- we especially love these Whale Trays, designed by Thomas Paul. Whether used to deliver meals or just left on show as a form of impromptu artwork, these trays will certainly give your kitchen personality.







Elton the Elephant side table by Rockett St George





I couldn’t resist on including Elton the Elephant in our favourite products list- I fell in love with him the moment I saw him! This cute and quirky side table is just adorable… And it’s useful too! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, this little elephant will no doubt be popular with everyone, especially your children!









Finally, we’ve found the perfect decoration to really make a statement in your home- the Faux Taxidermy Unicorn Head. To put it simply, we have never seen anything as striking and unique as this so we just had to share it with you. The unicorn itself is made to order and hand-crafted with love and care by the imaginative folks at Broken Hare. There may be quite a price tag on this gorgeous unicorn but it’s something that we’re tempted to save our pennies for!





We’ve included links to each of these individual products in case you like what you see. If you’re interested in seeing more, click here to go to the Rockett St George homepage- just make sure you’ve got an hour or so to spare first, you won’t be able to tear yourself away… Trust us, we know all too well!

tuiss :: coming soon…

There’s excitement in the air at tuiss as we await the arrival of the latest addition to the tuiss family- these sophisticated Plantation Shutters.


We’ve spent the last week working on the finishing touches, making sure that we will have everything ready for their launch in the (very!) near future. From measuring guides and instructional videos to those last few photoshoots, we’re almost there…

But we’re most excited about sharing these shutters with you, our customer! As a special thank you for your custom and your patience, we’re offering 50% off all our shutters at the launch, meaning that you can give your home a this exclusive, stylish finish for just £99 per square metre.


If you haven’t already signed up to receive an email as soon as these exquisite products go live, you can do so here – just fill in your email address and we’ll let you know as soon as our plantation shutters are available to order.

Why Choose… Wooden Blinds with Tapes?

If you’re looking to achieve a beautiful, traditional look to your home or you’re wanting to give your room a little rustic charm, our wooden blinds will be ideal.

We also offer a range of wooden blinds with decorative cotton tapes that add a further sophisticated style to the blinds.

With a great range of colour combinations available, all carefully chosen to complement the grain of the wood, there’s most certainly a blind to suit your home’s style.

If you’re looking for something subtle yet sophisticated, this beautiful Crisp White & White wooden blind is a lovely choice for a more neutral environment. Then if you need something with a little more contemporary style, this striking Black Satin & White wooden blind (white cotton on black wood) creates an eye-catching and modern design.


We also offer a great range of wood shades, from lighter, warmer grains like the Hickory & Sand wooden blind designed to cosy up your rustic space. Plus we have plenty of richer, darker shades such as our Antique Walnut & Brown wooden blind – delightfully dark, creating a stunning contrast in your room.


You can view our full range of wooden blinds with tapes here and take a look at all the beautiful colour combinations available. We’re sure you’ll find the blind that’s right for you!

Why Choose… Aluminium Vertical Blinds?

Today, we’ve decided to take a break from the bright, colourful blinds that we have to offer and focus on something equally as stylish but that little bit more practical- aluminium vertical blinds.


Usually a fixture in offices, these aluminium blinds will also act as a cool, contemporary addition to your home- their sleek design and slight sheen will certainly give your home a modern, minimalist look. They’d be a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen as they are 100% waterproof and easy to clean- in fact, they’re some of the most robust blinds that we have to offer

dr-vert-white-satin lg-vert-alusion-brushed-silver












They also have a brilliantly streamlined finish that adds to the contemporary style- there aren’t any weights or chains along the bottom edge so they’re completely free hanging, which can be a real bonus if you have any pets that like to tangle themselves up in your blinds!














Available in a range of neutral, grey and silver tones, as well as this beautifully stylish black finish, these blinds would be a perfect addition to a chic city apartment- they’d blend in beautifully with the modern decor -but they can also be used to give your home a stylish breath of fresh air.

Why Choose… Floral Roman Blinds?

Our extensive range of roman blinds are a most popular choice when it comes to choosing how you wish to dress your window. There is an excellent selection of sumptuous fabrics, intricate designs and bold patterns to choose from so we have decided to focus on but a few of what we have to offer.


One particular collection that draws a lot of attention is that of our floral designs, featuring bright and colourful blossoms as well as swirling leaves and vines that wind their way across the material.

st-etienne-pewter-24-roman-blind-2 gabriella-black-24-roman-blind-2












We have everything from traditional designs like this St Etienne Pewter roman blind that combines a pattern of sweeping leaves with elegant flowers to create a timeless and classic effect, to blinds that boast a striking colour scheme such as the stunning Gabriella Black roman blind with it’s red roses on a black background, creating a glamorous and almost gothic effect.

heeley-poppy-24-roman-blind-2 malmo-magenta-24-roman-blind-2












Then we have designs like the Heeley Poppy roman blind that uses a big, bold floral pattern and fresh, funky colours to create a great statement at your window. A personal favourite also has to be the Malmo Magenta roman blind, I particularily love the way that the hot pink blossoms contrast against the colour scheme, really adding a striking flash of colour and personality to your room.


All our roman blinds come with a choice of standard or blackout lining so you can tailor them to suit your needs, whichever room you are installing them in, meaning that our roman blinds are not only some of the most beautiful blinds we have to offer but also the most versatile.

Why Choose… Roller Blinds?


When it comes to choosing blinds, roller blinds are some of the most popular- they’re easy to install, robust and long lasting- but there is such a myriad of choice available that it can become quite a stressful exercise.


From neutral and natural tones to bright, bold blocks of colour there is a multitude of blinds available… And then we also have a large range of beautiful patterns and intricate designs to choose from as well… Is anyone else developing a headache yet?

essential-jute-20-roller-blind-2 habitat-electric-lime-20-roller-blind-2 cityscape-new-york-54-special-roller-blind-2 aztec-azul-20-roller-blind-2






















One of the quickest and easiest ways to narrow down your choice is by thinking about which room you require the blind for- if it’s for a bedroom, you may want to choose a blackout blind to help keep the light out, giving you a great nights sleep.

A window in a bathroom or over a kitchen sink may require a waterproof blind to guarantee that it’s not only easy to wipe dry but it’s also fungal and mould resistant, minimising any damage to the fabric itself.

dr-shadow-frost essential-charcoal-20-roller-blind-2












If you’re after something to give you a little privacy whilst still keeping your room nice and light, why not take a look at our voiles and sheers? These will let the light filter inside gently without hindering your view but provide you with enough privacy that you won’t need to keep your curtains closed 24/7.

The Diffusion range of magic screens work even better- creating an opaque effect at your window during the day so people can’t see in at all- be warned though, this effect is reversed as soon as the lights go on, so make sure you have some secondary window coverings, just in case!


There are so many different types of blinds to choose from that we couldn’t possibly list them all, so why not have a look at our website here and see if you can spot anything that tickles your fancy…?