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Over the years, we’ve brought you so many tuiss loves posts- things that inspire us, take a fancy and are too good not to share. Since Valentines is almost upon us, we’ve complied a few of our most favourite posts, sharing even more of the love.

Around The Home

We’ve seen many cool home accessories stores pop up, but there’s always a few that stick out and have stuck around.

Bisque Radiators

We take radiators for granted. We stick with the ones that come with the house, and other than the occasional lick of paint, we rarely think about changing them. With plenty of styles and colours to choose from, Bisque Radiators offer you plenty of choice.


Rory Dobner

We admire Rory Dobner‘s quirky, yet somewhat dark, designs and he’s been steadily building momentum over the past few years. We particularly like the alphabet tiles to make wall art with a difference.

Cat with a monocle

Buster & Punch

With a mix of lighting, handles and bikes, Buster & Punch are a must for any bachelor pad. They’ve got masculine style down to a tee, and who wouldn’t want a BoneShaker 79?


Gift Ideas

The Present Tree

If you’re trying to find a gift for a green-fingered friend or maybe you want to give something a bit different, then The Present Tree have gifts they’re bound not to have- trees, in a tube.


Holly’s Houses

Holly’s Houses specialises in custom made stamps, designed based on houses and buildings. So if you’re looking for a cute bespoke gift for the stationery geek, or for the home lover, check out these.

Custom Stamp

Web Wonders


We love a good nosey around other people’s homes and Houzz lets us do just that while grabbing some inspiration and shopping all at the same time. What’s not to love?


Chip It

Imagine if there was a website that told you the perfect colour schemes for your room from a simple image? well guess what? There is and it’s called Chip It. Or at least it was when we first stumbled across it. It’s now called Colour Snap.
Chip it 2

Design Seeds

And like Colour Snap helps to create your colour moodboard, Design Seeds has hundred of pre-made ones. Either pick a single tone and find accompanying shades or take a browse of the latest collections

Design Seed Global


Which was your favourite tuiss loves?

Oriental Design Ideas this Chinese New Year


Chinese culture has brought many gems to our interiors. There’s art, fabrics and of course Feng Shui. So surely Oriental (or oriental inspired) interiors are the ones to be be swooning over, especially on a day like Chinese New Year? Of course!

We’ve gathered a few of our favourites from Houzz, so you can join us in celebrating the culture. Enjoy!

And if that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, or if you’d love to see more, we’ve created a whole Ideabook on Houzz just for your pleasure.
What’s your style staple for the Oriental look? Let us know in the comments.

3 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate With Textures


In Decorating With Textures, we’re going to take a look into three of our favourite fabrics here at tuiss, all know for their beautiful textures and gorgeous finish. Linen, Silk and Velvet are so different from one another and each can make your home a masterpiece if only you know how to use it.

Lovely Linens

Linens are the essential element of any country home, but if you’re not fortunate to have a rustic retreat adding a touch of linen to your home will turn the most urban of jungles to a green-lover’s paradise. The beauty of linen too is that it works in layers. Mix in a few rustic touches, such as reclaimed wood and metals and you’ve got the look nailed.

Sumptuous Silks

If your home is more city heights than country dwelling, then there’s no finer way to live the high-life than with the addition of silk. It catches the light, making small spaces feel that little bit bigger. It’s a fabric that can be layered too for the ultimate luxurious look. From silk wallpapers, to bedding, lampshades and of course the all important window coverings, t can all be silk. Plus, if you mix the dupioni with shantung or charmeuse, the difference in textures mean your room certainly won’t fall flat.

 Virtuous Velvets 

We’ve left Velvet to last, and it was all for a reason. Whilst the other two textures are beautiful in their own right, Velvet is going to be the fabric of the season. Expect jewel velvets, velvet with printed flowers, layers and layers of velvet, the whole shebang. The beauty of this fabric is that it packs a bunch, no matter whether you use a little or a lot. It’s perfect for those quirky yet comfy rooms, or bringing warmth to open spaces.

Making It Your Own

To get you a headstart on creating these themes, why not grab a window dressing in one of the textures and give your home the makeover it’s been yearning for?

We’ve got lots of colours, patterns and designs so finding the perfect style for your home is easy . Just click the links below-

Shop Linen         Shop Silk         Shop Velvet

How To Style Your Home Like A Blogger


Ever wondered how bloggers make their homes look so dreamy? Spend days swooning over their interiors wishing it could be yours instead? Well we’re taking a closer look at our favourite home style blogs and figuring out exactly what it is that makes them so beautiful. Here goes…

Mad About The House

Master Bedroom and Ensuite from Mad About The House

We love Mad About The House’s home for one simple reason- she’s not afraid to use colour or pattern, and she certainly doesn’t follow the crowd. What we notice the most with Kate’s style is that doesn’t limit colour to just one room, she lets it wander the house yet every room has it’s own personality.

My Friend’s House

My Friend’s House

The reason we love My Friend’s House blog is that it feels somewhat aspirational, not inspirational. That’s not to say that the decor isn’t lovely, they are, but it’s certainly a place we can all aspire to own. Plus, they have the same problems as the rest of us- wishlist too big, bank balance too small.

They’re a bit different to Mad About The House in that when they use a colour, they use it! From the ceiling to the floor, it’s happening. Sometimes it pays to be brave.

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern Bathroom

There’s no denying that AA’s interiors take take inspiration from/inspire her own line of faux foliage and accessories and it definitely shows in her photos. And suppose that that is exactly what makes her home so dreamy. She does what she loves, in work and in pleasure and there’s no changing her style for one or the other. Her colour confidence shines through and it totally works. Her style is opulent and eccentric, and truth be told, nobody can pull it off quite like her. So once you’ve found your style, stick to it and make it a part of everything you do.

Bright Bazaar



Blue Bedroom by Bright Bazaar

Whilst Abigail Ahern may have a love for the darker tones, Bright Bazaar is quite the opposite, bright pops and candy shades. He’s partial to a touch of pattern too, which we love. And if you look through his photos, you’ll see that his coordination is uncanny. Take this beautiful blue bedroom for example. Even though the stripes are subtle, they run through everything from the bedding, to the rug and even the lampshade. But it doesn’t feel too matchy. It’s perfectly balanced the whole way through.

And the verdict?

It seems like the one way to get that blogger style is to pick an element and stick to it. And let it travel throughout your whole home, not just one corner of it. That doesn’t mean that you need to paint the whole of your house purple or green, just use accents of it in a number of room, even if it’s only on the legs of a chair.

Who’s your style inspiration? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to find out!

Beat The January Blues With Beautiful Homes That Inspire.


This week started off with a marketing phenomenon that’s certainly picked up over the last ten years- Blue Monday. We know that January can seem like a dull time; the weather’s gloomy, chocolate has gone from friend to foe and that summer holiday seems all too far away.

But it needn’t be all gloom and doom. The winter weather is a great excuse to stay indoors and get your home in tip-top shape. Or, if you’re like us, sitting back and swooning over some beautiful decors and feel inspired.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite rooms from Pinterest and rounded them up for your enjoyment.

1. Room To Grow

This Nursery is on our list for a few reasons, but mostly because you know that when the little ones start to grow up, this room is ready for action. That shade of duck egg green is perfect for all ages and there’s always space for neutral furniture.

Blue Nursery from Usual House.

2. Total Tiles

That much black in a bathroom is usually a no-go, for somehow Fired Earth make it look airy. The accents of gold add the theme of luxury and make it glisten.

Monochrome Bathroom from Fired Earth.

3. Perfectly Mismatched.

There’s something very odd about this photo from Bright Bazaar that we just can’t help to love. The carpet with a slate fireplace and wood panelling. And then there’s the beautiful shape of the chair, with a monochrome patchwork cushion and throw and the copper side table. It shouldn’t work but somehow it just does.

Monochrome Accessories from Bright Bazaar.

4. Bright as Day

There’s no argument about it, this bedroom is certainly one to spend our days daydreaming about.The period features add definition to the otherwise plain white space and the accents of pastel blue create a simply divine setting.

Beautiful Blue Bedroom from Luxe Interiors & Design Magazine

5. Lounging Around

This bed space is not only so easy to recreate but it’s utterly gorgeous! There’s always space on the agenda for Sunday mornings spent with a little too much time in bed.

Curtain Canopy from Home Edit

All of these images are from just a handful of the profiles we follow on Pinterest. To discover more, just head to our Pinterest page, and why not give us a follow why you’re there too?

Trend Watch :: Ripe


Back in the summer, we headed over to Decorex at Syon Park in London in search of inspiration for the seasons ahead.

Whilst there, we managed to squeeze into Marie Rouillon’s seminar on the big trends of Autumn/Winter 2016. We saw the colours forecast, as well as delving into the world of themes. The one that caught our eye? They call it ‘Ripe’.

As the name suggests, this trend takes its influence from both the natural world, as well as being provocative of times before. It’s not fresh colours or brand new experiences, but instead about heritage and history. The basis of this trend lies in the 17th Century; rich, shadowy palettes, opulent trims and intricate detailing all play their role.












The palette in generally a muted one, with a simple collection of hues. These tones make excellent accents in the more sophisticated rooms of the home, such as the home office, library or drawing room.

This trend is also all about the detail. From the intricate carvings, wood panelling and those beautiful curving legs on the furniture. There’s detailing on the textiles too; tassels, trims, rich embroidery, florals, motifs. It focuses on the craft, making you appreciate every minute of every hour spent on construction.
And the final piece to this trend puzzle that we know there’ll be no escaping from is the velvets! There was velvet on just about every exhibitor space of the show, and we know it’s going to be the big material of the year. The more pattern the better, and the deeper the tones, all the better too.
Shop our collection of velvet blinds and curtains here and get ready for the trend that’s set to rock now!

Around the World :: Silk


We like to scourer the world high and wide to find you the best fabrics and patterns it has to offer. But what we never really think about is what the rest of the globe is doing with the same fabrics that we use, what their history of them are and how it fits in with culture.

To start, we’re looking at one of the most luxurious of fibres, silk.

It’s one of our favourite fabrics here at tuiss, and looking at your orders, it seems like you can’t get enough of it too. From the Shantung range to the Palermo and even the real deal, it’s such a versatile fabric that can be decorated and coloured in a whole host of ways.


The most luxurious of fashion houses are based in Europe, with Milan regarded as one of the most fashionable places in the world. It’s no surprise then that Italians were using silk to decorating their homes since the 16th Century. They had a great fondness for silk curtains, with brocade and natural designs weaved into them.

Germans on the other hand was using the fabric a little more sparingly, decorating their homes with silk cushions and other decorations, thanks to their desire for quality, not quantity.

And the French loved it too. Whilst they may be more noted for their silk lingerie, the French did in fact also use the fabric for their curtains, particularly pairs. (It was the French that introduced us Brits to the idea of pairs of curtains, rather than just a single.)

The Americas

Take a trip across the globe however and you see that the attention turns away from interiors and more towards the sphere of fashion.

Silk is still a fairly new addition to the American lifestyle, with the early uses being reported as for thermal underwear, since America had particular fondness of easy-care and struggled with import.


Source: Pinterest

In India silk sarees were traditionally limited to royalty, but then later filtered into the upper classes and is still regarded as the dress for wedding parties.


Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, Japan has a great history with silk. Kimonos are still very much regarded traditional dress, as well as a ladies’ parasol and fan, which were both historically made by stretching silk over bamboo.

As the origin for silk, China has been at the forefront of made of the silk innovation, including using it in creating the first luxury paper. Even though many mention that the original use was clothing for the imperial family, it was later used in decorative means, as well as practical ways, such as instruments and bow making.

Around The World

And there we have it. From Italy to Germany, America to Japan and India to China, our trip around the world with silk has shown that there’s more to this fabric than simply beautiful curtains. shantung-stone-36-fabric-1 pure-silk-silver-sand-36-roman-blind-1

But you needn’t take a trip around the world to get yourself some of the best it has to offer. Our Real and faux silk collection of blinds and curtains will give your home all the cultural brilliance it needs. Just check them out for yourself here.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016


In December, Pantone announced their colour for 2016 and it was a bit of a surprise to most of us. Not because of the colour they picked, but because they announced not one, but two, making a splendid duo that works ever so well- Rose Quartz and Serenity .

Source: Pantone

And the philosophy behind the choice?

Pantone have really delved into the realm of modern life this year. There’s never been a bigger focus on wellbeing and happiness. Last year saw the rise of adult colouring books, which then became mindfulness colouring and a few even touched on meditation too. So hearing that the Pantone palette draws on this trend and that they’d strived to create the perfect balance between warmth that comforts and coolness that soothes and calms is actually a clever idea.

100278_1 100277_1

The second inspiration comes from a topic that has been filling popular culture, from celebrities, to fashion and film. It’s the ever growing fluidity of gender. 2015 brought us Caitlyn Jenner, a rise in transgendered stars, ungendered fashion and the slow destruction of gendered toys.

As for fashion, especially home fashions, this combination is a dream. We know that blue is a fantastic choice for rooms such as the bedroom, since it calms and promotes restful sleep, but the addition of blush pink adds a serene warmth and oozes elegance. And the In My Dreams roller blind below, shows just how simple this colour palette can be.


Pantone’s board on Pinterest has some excellent inspiration for both the wardrobe and the home. It’s dreamy and delicate- just how a palette should be.

Why not head on over to tuiss now and browse our collection of blinds and curtains to kickstart your year of colour. Shop Rose Quartz and Serenity now.

In the Press :: Choosing Curtains


There are so many times we’ve been scratching our heads wondering what to do with that spare room, cubby hole or study.


That’s when we turn to the magazines to try and find some tips, tricks and inspiration.


This month’s Real Homes magazine features a lovely article from designer and Dragon’s Den star Kelly Hoppen about what to do when choosing curtains.


There’s plenty of great advice in there and we’re ever so please that she’s used one of our curtains to illustrate  her point.


Our Berry Tree curtains show just what you can do when you’ve got a small space and you want it to feel bigger. By adding some width to your pole you can widen the amount of window on show. Then just match the pattern’s scale to the size of the room and you’ll create a whole lot of extra space.


Check out the article for more great curtain advice. And if you like the look of our curtain, blind and cushion combination, you can buy them all right here!

tuiss Loves :: Designer Boutique


Hands up if you like shopping for nice things. *raises hand* Now, hands up who likes pushing through the crowds in search of said nice things. *lowers hand* If only there were a place where you could find lovely designer styles all in one place, without having to leave your lounge…

Designer Boutique

Lots of nice things all in one place is precisely what we’re all about at tuiss and in our Designer Boutique there are some real gems.



Scion Living

Scion Living is a fresh brand with lots of contemporary style mixed with a little cheeky charm. You’ve probably seen Mr Fox or Spike around but there’s lots more to enjoy. Everything from South American ikats to Japanese motifs all in the same spot.



Alternatively, you can go a little more traditional. We’ve called it the ‘Jewel in the Crown of fabric houses’ and you’d be hard pressed to argue any different. We’ve handpicked a selection of Harelquin’s finest fabrics for you to choose from.


Sabine Reinhart

She may not be a huge name in interior design yet but we’ve got a feeling she soon will be. This up and coming designer is renowned for her interesting and irreverent designs taken from nature.


See? We’ve done all the work for you. Have a little peruse, order some free samples and beat those manic crowds. It’s the only way to enjoy beautiful, designer things.