Room With A View :: Voile Curtains


Think your home is worthy of a place at the Chelsea Flower Show but haven’t managed to get it there?

Do you enjoy gazing down your garden, come rain or shine, as the flowers blossom and the wildlife explores?

Wish you could enjoy your beautiful display more of the time, not just when your nose is pressed against the glass?

Then your home must be missing a voile curtain dressing your windows.

Our collection of Voile curtains let you make the most of the view whilst softly filtering the light and protect your privacy at the same time.

Plus, the light material helps protect your home from glare and harsh sun rays too, giving you the most comfortable home with the best view.

So sit back, explore our collection and revive your view today:


In The Press :: May Edition


Remember how only last month we were showing you Debs Cutting’s gorgeous new hallway in House Beautiful magazine, featuring our lovely Essential Oatmeal roman blind? (If you don’t, then maybe you should take a look- it’s right here)

Well imagine our surprise when we saw her name pop up again, but this time in Your Home magazine, with our blinds in another of her rooms!

This time, she takes us on a journey through her immaculate bedroom. And she certainly is a woman who knows what she likes as she’s used another of our simply amazing Essential Oatmeal roman blind to dress her bay window.


They feel miles away from the ones in her hallway though. In fact, the difference in style is astounding. But she also knows how to dress for functionality. Where as she opted for a thermal lining in the hallway to keep out the chill, this time around she’s chosen blackout, helping her to get a great night’s sleep!

Unfortunately the Essential Oatmeal is currently unavailable, but we have a fantastic collection of neutral roman blinds today so can find your perfect match: 



New In :: Crossley Blinds & Curtains


Here at tuiss, we’re devoted to bringing you the very best in design and style, which is why we like to keep an ear to ground and discover the latest trends, even before they happen.

And one trend, that is set to happen, is happening right now with our brand new Crossley collection! Cayenne spice, fruity Cranberry and soothing Sky tones.14_5_15_crossley_blog1

These glorious shades are set to take the interior world by storm, mixed with heavy, textured fabrics. And the Crossley curtains and blinds are the perfect combination, adding a pinch of colour and character to your home.14_5_15_crossley_blog2

Plus taking a piece of the catwalk had never been easier. Our Crossley collection is made your way, with a choice of linings and made-to-measure too. Take a look for yourself at


In The Press :: Elegantly Effervescence


Meet Hannah: When she first brought her home in Hertfordshire, the kitchen was impractical. But now she’s finally taken the plunge and created one that’s not only spacious and practical, but one that’s ever so stylish too.

And of course, it wouldn’t have made its way onto this page unless she’s made one key choice- choosing tuiss for her blind needs.

And which gorgeous one did she choose? The Effervescence Pink roman blind of course!


Now, we’re devoted to bringing you the best for your home, and with styles changing with the seasons; you could say our blinds are ‘Limited Edition’.

And you could say that Style at Home magazine is doing a bit of a Kate Middleton and hiding their favourite blinds until they’re out of production. (Well, at least that’s what we like to think, seeing as we stopped making the Effervescence Pink roman blind a little while back.)

But we loved this article all the same and had to share it with you still, for Hannah’s taste and tips are simply impeccable!


So whilst the blind may not be available, there’s plenty of similar (and not so similar if you’d prefer) blinds and curtains on our site, which you can enjoy all the same!

If you’re tickled pink, why not check out these blushing beauties? 


Or if you’re after a little flower power then these should certainly suit your fancy:


Whatever your style, you can find the one that’s perfect for you at

Let’s Celebrate :: Europe Day


At tuiss, we’re big lovers of goodwill and harmony, which is why we wanted to celebrate Europe Day, and hope you will too.

Europe Day is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. Now we’re not going to sit here and give you a history lesson (if you wanted to find out more, there’s information on the history and more here), but the most important thing is that it marks what is considered to be the beginning of the European Union.

With this in mind, we rounded up a worldly collection of blinds to mark the occasion. And with a mixture of beautiful roller and roman blinds, there’s plenty to love at tuiss:

9_5_15_europeday_blog4Cityscape Roller Blinds

9_5_15_europeday_blog3Geograph Roman Blinds

9_5_15_europeday_blog1Cosmopolitan Roman Blind

9_5_15_europeday_blog2Penny Post Roman Blind

Discover the Perfect Balance with Diffusion Screens


When it comes to the warmer months, there’s no better view than relaxing on a sun lounger and seeing your garden in bloom. But when the indoors calls, you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour still.

Instead as we gaze out of the window we get a reflection of ourselves, or the bright rays of the sun blinding our eyes. With the Diffusion Screen roller blinds, you get all the view of the great outdoors without the glare of sun. Better still, from the outside they’re opaque, keeping your space secluded and privacy sacred no matter the weather.


With a range of neutral shades and textures, you can dress up your home with ease and enjoy the simplicity of these blinds, where function most definitely meets style.


Despite all of their obvious benefits, if the window is overlooked you might want to be cautious when the sun goes down as the roles are reversed. You could consider adding a lovely pair of curtains to the mix for maximum privacy and maximum style.

Explore our Diffusion Screens collection this National Gradening Week (13th-19th April) and bring harmony back to your life: