A Stylish Combination – Voiles and Curtains

Using a voile at your window is an excellent way to give you a touch of privacy during the day but the effect of it can be ruined once the lights go in the evening.

One of the easiest way to avoid this from happening is to combine your voile with a pair of curtains, giving you an additional layer of protection especially for the darker hours of the day…

Let the Light Filter Through


The thin voile material will let the outdoor light filter through gently into your room, bathing it in natural light and allowing you to avoid using the lighting inside and saving you money on your electricity bills.

Protect Your Privacy


The weave of the voile fabric is designed to block the view from outside so you can go about your business as usual and keep an eye on exactly what’s happening right on your doorstep.

Adds Depth and Detail to Your Window


By using layers, you instantly add a a depth to your window that will draw the eye, especially if you combine a neutral or natural voile with a pair of brighter, more boisterous curtains.

Keeping Clean :: Venetian Blinds

We have a wide selection of venetian blinds made from various materials and they all have different cleaning techniques.

Rather than group them all together, we’ve split them into their own sections below to make it even easier for you to find the perfect solution…

Real Wood


Wooden blinds can be a little more awkward to clean as the wooden slats can soak up moisture quite easily and are prone to twisting and warping out of shape. In order to avoid this, the best ways to clean them are as follows:

  • Dusting on a regular basis - the best way to avoid a heavy clean is, quite simply, to give them a quick once over every week. This not only helps them to look fresh and new for longer, it will also save you time in the long run
  • Wiping with babywipes - this may seem like an odd trick but believe us, it really works! The babywipes are just damp enough to remove any marks or stains from the wood without leaving excess moisture or damaging chemicals on the blinds

lg-wood-canadian-maple lg-wood-white












  • Using wood cleaner - to ensure that the slats remain undamaged and looking good, always use a wood cleaner when you’re cleaning your blinds, simply spray it on to the affected areas and simply rub any marks with a dry paper towel to remove them
  • Grab an old sock - honestly, this isn’t half as weird as it may sound! If you have larger slats, there should be plenty of room to fit your hand between them when they’re open, simply slide an old sock onto your hand and run it across the top of each slat in turn before tilting them the other way and repeating the process



These pvc blinds are much easier to clean to to the fact that they are 100% waterproof, meaning that you can get them wet without having to worry about them soaking up the water:

  • Soak them overnight - if your blinds have picked up stains or marks over time and they look a little dried in, you can fill your bathtub with warm, soapy water and simply leave the blinds soaking overnight. Any marks should simply wipe off the following morning!
  • Give them a good scrub - grab a scrubbing brush and some soap and go to town! You can be as gentle or as rough as you like and this durable material won’t break or wear away.

reflections-limewash-26-wooden-blind-50-1 reflections-silk-warm-26-wooden-blind-50-1












  • Grab the hoover - if your blinds are in an easily reachable position, there’s nothing stopping you from giving them a quick once over to get off the dust quickly and easily
  • Babywipes to the rescue - once again, babywipes are an excellent way to give your faux-wood blinds a quick and easy clean



Robust, durable and easy to clean, aluminium blinds are easy to upkeep to ensure that they stay looking as good as new for longer:

  • Get your toothbrush - as most of our aluminium blinds feature smaller slats, it can be hard to try the old sock on hand trick, however if you get a toothbrush and a bit of soap, you can give them a nice and easy clean down before rinsing them off
  • Hose them down - particularly good when that spring cleaning bug bites you, if you’re blinds are a manageable size, you can take them outside, balance them or hang them in place and give them a spray with your hosepipe. Even better, if the weather is sunny and light, you can even leave them outside to dry off!

vista-platinum-26-venetian-blind-2 monterey-blue-26-venetian-blind-2












  • Regular dusting - the aluminium material does have a tendency to attract the dust so keeping them dust free can be a hard job. If you give them a quick dust down on a regular basis, hey’ll look fresher for longer

Decisions, Decisions :: Essentials or Thermalux?

When it comes to your loft conversion, keeping the windows covered can be quite an important job – whether you’re using it as an office, a bedroom or even just a little hidey-hole to escape into every once in a while.

No matter how you use your loft, you’ll want to make sure that the windows are covered adequately to protect you from early morning light or cold winter winds… And we have an excellent selection of loft blinds to help you do just this.

Essentials Blackout



Affordable – available at a reasonable price, these blinds are, quite simply, an essential addition to your loft

Fast Delivery - with a 2-3 working day delivery time, you can get these blinds nice and quickly to ensure that your room is ready in no time

Blackout Lining - perfect for loft bedrooms, the blackout lining keeps the bright light at bay so you can sleep better for longer

Fits Perfectly - designed to fit in perfectly to the corresponding window codes, there’s no fuss when it comes to fitting these blinds

essentials-cream-53-velux-ob-2 essentials-navy-53-velux-ob-2












Small Selection of Colours - the Essentials range only covers the basic colours so if you’re looking for something a little brighter, then you’re better off taking a look at our gorgeous range of Thermalux blinds…

Thermalux Energy Saving



Blackout and Energy Efficient - not only do these blinds feature a blackout lining, they also have insulating brushes along the sides and a rubber seal across the bottom to keep the heat in

Added Insulation - the addition of brushes and a rubber seal give these blinds added energy saving effects that will help control the temperature in your home

Cuts Costs - due to the energy saving properties, your bills won’t be as high, letting you save the pennies for the important things in life

Range of Colours - from bright red to deep green, there’s a huge selection of colours available to help you match your decor perfectly

ecotex-real-red-53-velux-ob-2 ecotex-bayou-53-velux-ob-2












Higher Cost - due to the additional features, these blinds are a little more pricey than our Essentials range but, if your room is prone to drafts and cool temperatures, they are well worth the investment

by tuiss :: Kensington Satin White Shutters


Give your home a timeless touch with these gorgeous Kensington Satin White plantation shutters.

One of the newest additions to the tuiss family, these stunning shutters have so many benefits that we’ve found it hard to narrow it down to the top five reasons that we think these shutters are deserving of our Product of the Month this December…

Sleek and Stylish


Designed with traditional style in mind, these shutters effortlessly combine both classic charm and more contemporary measures.

With a satin white colourway, these shutters will blend in beautifully to any decor scheme, making them a popular and practical choice for the home.

Practically Indestructible


Made from extremely robust material, these shutters also feature an aluminium core along the inside of the slats, helping to keep them rigid and strong. Contrary to popular belief, the strong material is also lightweight, making both the fitting and the use of your shutters nice and easy.

They’re also extremely easy to clean – whether it’s dust, pet hair or the dinner that your toddler launched across the room, these shutters won’t stain and you can be as gentle or as rough as you like when it comes to cleaning any marks from them.

Extremely Energy Efficient


It may seem odd that shutters can be energy efficient but these beauties have been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 60%, saving you money on your bill throughout the year.

It also means that they help to control the temperature in your home – whether it’s keeping your home warmer in the winter months or helping to keep the sun out so your room is cooler during the summer, these shutters will do the job.

Suitable for Bathrooms, Kitchens and Outdoors


The durable material is both UV resistant and waterproof, making these shutters ideal for any room inside your house… And even outside too!

If you want to create a traditional twist in your bathroom or add a touch of style to your kitchen, these shutters are simply perfect.

And if you love the traditional look of shutters on the exterior of your home, you can even use them outdoors as they are practically impervious to the elements.

Made in the UK


The main benefit of UK production is that it guarantees the shortest lead times available.

That means no need to wait weeks and weeks for your shutters to be delivered, meaning you can complete the look in your home for a fraction of the time and the cost.

A Stylish Combination – Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds

This may seem like an odd combination but it can work wonders if you’re using your roman blind outside the window recess.

Decorative Touch


The panelled finishes of our roman blinds can make a beautiful decoration at your window, especially if you’ve chosen a bright and beautiful pattern or design, and sometimes that’s exactly how people want to use them.

Rather than compromise the light control and protection at your window, you can use a roller blind inside the recess to make sure the window stays covered when you need it to.

Double the Protection


If you’d rather have a view during the day but full protection at night, you can always use a voile or magic screen roller blind (you can compare the two here) to ensure that you still have plenty of natural light in your home during the daylight hours.

If you have a roman blind fitted above your window, outside the recess, you can then drop that down in the evenings to cover your window fully and make sure no one can see in.

Beautiful Blending


If your room features different shades and hues, you can use this stylish combination to further accentuate the colour scheme in your room.

Go for a neutral or solid colour to keep in with the accents in your room and then accessorise with a bright and bold pattern or design to add a zing of personality to your home!

Keeping Clean :: Shutters


We’ve had a lot of questions lately regarding the upkeep of our gorgeous plantation shutters.

Being the newest addition to our ever growing family at tuiss, we understand that sometimes you can feel a little intimidated by the addition of something new in your house – especially when it comes to keeping them clean.

Never fear, tuiss is here with a quick and easy guide on how to clean your shutters.


goodfeather NZL9004tooltree2










If you like to have a quick whip around your home on a weekly basis, make sure you include your shutters.

Giving them a quick dust down or even using an upholstery brush hoover attachment is a great way to keep them looking fresh and new.


soapy_bucket fc3539b3-da17-436f-b070-1c1f654df85c









Our plantation shutters are completely waterproof so getting a bucket full of soapy water and a cloth or sponge is a great way to give them a more thorough clean.

If you have them on the exterior of your house, you can even use a hosepipe to wash them down, before having a good sponging and rinsing them off again – it really is that simple!


RCP6482COB colgate-toothbrushes1









If there are any more stubborn stains or if you want to really get in there and give your shutters the most thorough clean possible, you can use a scrubbing brush dipped in a soapy solution and scrub the stains away.

Using toothbrushes dipped in soapy water is also a great way to get into all the nooks and crannies for the deepest and best clean.



Whether it’s a dry down after cleaning or even if your bathroom shutters have been splashed as you’ve had a wash, you can dry them down quickly and easily using a nice clean, fluffy towel.

Decisions, Decisions :: Magic Screen or Voile?

Finding the right balance between privacy and natural light can be a nightmare when your home is overlooked.

The best options available for your windows are magic screens and voiles… But which one will be the best choice for your home?

We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of each to help you choose wisely and allow you to keep your privacy protected without being kept in the dark.

Magic Screen



  • Durable and Lightweight Material - the pvc/polyester mix is both strong and robust, making it exceptionally easy to clean, as well as being delicate enough to let the light filter through
  • Complete Privacy During the Day - as long as there’s light outside, this Diffusion material will keep the view into your home protected perfectly
  • Protects Against UV Rays - designed to help keep the suns glare out of your home, these screens are perfect for offices and living rooms, protecting your screens against glare as well as helping to stop your upholstery fading
  • Range of Colours Available - from whites, creams and naturals to darker shades of grey and black, we have the perfect colour screen for your room

diffusion-luxe-bleached-sand-18-roller-blind-2 diffusion-black-49-roller-blind-2













  • Only Works During the Day – unfortunately, as soon as it’s dark outside and you have lights on in your home, the screen protection is reversed, allowing people to see inside




  • Light and Airy - voiles are so delicate they instantly bring a light and airy feeling into your home, perfect for smaller rooms that can feel a little cramped and dark
  • Choice of Dressings - choose between roman blinds and roller blinds or even go for a pair of curtains to help you create the perfect look in your home
  • Doesn’t Hinder the View - you’ll still be able to see clear as day outside, meaning that you can fully enjoy the benefits of your view any time

country-voile-cinder-36-roman-blind-2 doodle-translucent-18-roller-blind-2













  • Don’t Work With Lights On - if you’ve got your lights on inside, people will be able to see through the voile quite easily, which can cause issues when it comes to the evening
  • Combinations Work Best - to ensure voiles are effective, it’s best to combine them with other blinds and curtains made from standard materials so you can enjoy light protection during the day and complete protection at nighttime

Magic Screens are definitely a better choice for overlooked homes as they’ll offer you the best protection.

If you have more open space around your home but you still want a little protection at your window, a Voile would be a better choice as it’s lighter and more airy.

You can order free samples for all the materials from our website or give us a call on 0800 862 0466 if you have any further questions.


by tuiss :: Zola Indigo Curtains

blinds-2-go-61769Soft, sumptuous and oh so decadent, these Zola Indigo curtains are guaranteed to give your home a glamorous lift.

Luxurious Fabric


The crushed velvet material positively shimmers and shines as it catches the light, creating an eye-catching focal point in your room and adding a touch of luxury to your home.

Choice of Linings


The thicker the lining you choose, the fuller the fabric will look so if you want ultimate luxury and protection, a blackout lining is the one for you.

Our thermal lining will not only add volume to the material, it will also keep the temperature controlled in your room and help you cut the costs of your energy bills.

If you don’t fancy either of these, there’s also a standard lining available that will let light filter through gently to make sure your room stays feeling airy and light.

Bold and Beautiful


The striking azure sheen to the fabric is a brave and brilliant choice for your room, especially if you’re decorating a more neutral space with bold blue accents.

Different Headings Available


Whether you have a rail or a pole, we supply curtains to suit your needs.

Choose between eyelet, pinch pleat and double pinch pleat heading to suit your home and we’ll figure out how much additional fabric to use to ensure your curtains have plenty of gather.

Glitz and Glamour


There’s something distinctly glam about crushed velvet and these curtains are certainly no exception so if you’re looking to glam up your home, they’ll be the perfect choice for you.

A Stylish Combination – Wood Venetian Blinds and Curtains

Sometimes rooms can really benefit from layering at the windows. When you have a more traditional decor, one of the greatest and most stylish ways to truly benefit your home is by using wooden venetian blinds combined with curtains.

A Natural Touch

Mellow Oak & Natural

Real wood venetian blinds are an excellent choice to add a natural, more organic feel to your home.

When that’s combined with a curtain that features a rough and rustic weave, such as the Denver Stripe Linen curtains pictured above, you can create the perfect finishing touch to your traditional and timeless decor.

Excellent Light Control

blinds-2-go-61798Venetian blinds offer you the best light control available – with a simple pull of the tilt cord, you can spin the slats to allow as much or as little light through as possible. The only possible issue with them is that they can’t offer you full blackout protection.

That’s where pairing them with curtains can come in handy – you can opt for a blackout lining that will keep your room shaded and dark, allowing you to relax fully as well as staying cosy and snug.

Perfect for Privacy

tuiss201245728With excellent light control comes excellent privacy and, once again, venetian blinds are one of the better choices to keep your home protected.

However if you want to keep your blinds open to let as much light through as possible, you can combine them with a pair of standard lined curtains to allow the sunlight to filter through softly.

Even better, pair them with voile curtains to ensure that you get the best of both worlds – plenty of light in your home whilst not having to worry about the outside world being able to see in.


Keeping Clean :: Roman Blinds


Keeping your blinds clean can be a tiresome task so we’re here to guide you through the top three ways to keep your roman blinds looking as good as new.

Light Hoovering


This may seem like a quick and easy fix but be warned – you will have to be delicate and gentle with your blinds, particularly if they have an embroidery on them, to avoid damaging the fabric. Using the upholstery attachment on your hoover is the safest way to do this.

By simply hoovering from left to right or top to bottom, you will pick up any collecting dust and ensure that your blind remains clean and fresh – and you won’t even need to take it down!

Dry Cleaning


We believe dry cleaning is the best option by far – not only does it give you one less thing to worry about but it also guarantees that your blinds will come back to you in top condition.

This is especially effective if you have velvet or silk blinds as they require extra care when it comes to cleaning – your dry cleaners will know exactly what to do and what not to do to ensure your blinds stay safe and in one piece.

Wipe With A Damp Cloth


If your roman blind has a stubborn stain or mark on the fabric, you can use warm, soapy water to wash it away.

Be sure not to use any cleaning products that will be too strong or potentially harmful to the fabric with a soft, clean sponge to gently rub at the offending area. Once the mark is removed, simply rinse lightly with clean water and pat dry with a towel.

Note: Velvets and Silks can absorb water easily and stain, so we would recommend dry cleaning these fabrics instead.