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Here at tuiss, we’re always on the prowl for fun and exciting blogs, something to inspire us and aspire to.

But keeping tabs on all of the great blogs is hard. We come in on a Monday to an inbox full of posts that we don’t have enough time for, and end up forgetting about them before we find the time.

Thankfully, Bloglovin’ helps us keep up with all our favourite blogs, as well as finding new and upcoming ones.


So what is Bloglovin’?

Bloglovin’ is essentially a social network, a mixture between facebook and pinterest, creating a feed of what the blogs you follow are posting, letting you read them at your leisure as well as liking, saving or sharing them.

And if you forget to log on, don’t worry. The blogs will still be there. You can search by blogger and read them all in one go, or search the site for themes that interest you.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.40.37

Best of all, you get a daily digest from your followings in a handy email. So suddenly the email count goes from 10 down to 1. Much more manageable.

We’re there!

What’s more, you can even follow us on there too! Just add us to your feed, and get all of our posts in one easy place. Already signed up? Click here to go straight to our feed.

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So which other blogs will you be adding to your feed? Got a blog you think we should be following? Let us know in the comments below…

Trend Watch :: Floral Prints


Isn’t it funny how trends come in and out. Last year, it wall all about the contemporary patterns, with geometrics leading in the way , but this year things seem to have taken a step back in time.

Contemporary is out and traditional is back. And the flower power is taking over once again. Thankfully, floral designs is something we do pretty well, if we do say so ourselves. Continue reading

European Styles Worth Stealing


With Europe Day being today, now seems like just as good time as any to delve into the interior design world and get inspired by some of our European friends.

We’ve been finding style staples and ideas your home shouldn’t live without. So lets cross the pond and take a look… Continue reading

tuiss loves :: alfresco dining

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Our calendars are telling us it’s National Barbecue Month for the whole of May, and whilst the weather may still be a little topsy turvy, it’s a great excuse to dust of the racks, stock up on charcoal and pull all the family around for a bit of alfresco dining.

Our favourite homeware stores have been revealing their summer collections recently too, making it even more tempting to move outdoors for some delicious grub. Continue reading

In The Press :: Looking Back


We know we’re not the only people who, when cleaning out a room, drawer or box, spends ages going through all the nostalgic pieces, cherishing the memories that they hold. Sometimes it makes us remember our achievements, whether academically or just personally. Anyway, we digress.

Recently, we were helping the tech team on a project they were working on and as a result had to create a log of all the times we’ve ever been featured, mentioned, showcased or involved in a magazine or newspaper. And we were quite shocked to discover just how many of them there were. Continue reading

Trend Watch :: White


When we get the decorating and home decor magazines landing on our desks, one of the first things we do (after checking whether we made it into the pages) is to check out the trends and styles that are set to steal the show.

We like to get to as many interior design shows as we can in search of trends, fabrics and shapes that we can add a little tuiss magic to, so most of the time, we kind of expect it. This month however, we were taken to surprise. And the trend? White! Continue reading

Trend Watch :: Tropic


Spring is here and with it comes gorgeous new trends ready to revitalise our homes. One of the big ones for Spring Summer 16 has to be the theme of ‘Tropic’. It’s bright, playful and takes inspiration from one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Tropics. Continue reading

In The Press :: Dream Home


We’ve seen our shutters making the pages of interior design magazines more times than we can remember, but we still get excited by each and every one. It’s great seeing the different styles that our customers have and no two schemes are ever the same.

One thing that is the same though, is how much you guys love them!

Today, we’re taking a look into Marcelle Bolt’s gorgeous period home, as featured in Your Home Magazine. Continue reading

Introducing :: Argot

We know that you want a cosy home. Somewhere you can chill out in, put your feet up and feel comfortable. That’s why we scour the land to find you beautiful cosy fabrics that suit every home.

And we think we’ve found it here with our brand new Argot fabrics. Continue reading