In the Press :: Choosing Curtains


There are so many times we’ve been scratching our heads wondering what to do with that spare room, cubby hole or study.


That’s when we turn to the magazines to try and find some tips, tricks and inspiration.


This month’s Real Homes magazine features a lovely article from designer and Dragon’s Den star Kelly Hoppen about what to do when choosing curtains.


There’s plenty of great advice in there and we’re ever so please that she’s used one of our curtains to illustrate  her point.


Our Berry Tree curtains show just what you can do when you’ve got a small space and you want it to feel bigger. By adding some width to your pole you can widen the amount of window on show. Then just match the pattern’s scale to the size of the room and you’ll create a whole lot of extra space.


Check out the article for more great curtain advice. And if you like the look of our curtain, blind and cushion combination, you can buy them all right here!

tuiss Loves :: Designer Boutique


Hands up if you like shopping for nice things. *raises hand* Now, hands up who likes pushing through the crowds in search of said nice things. *lowers hand* If only there were a place where you could find lovely designer styles all in one place, without having to leave your lounge…

Designer Boutique

Lots of nice things all in one place is precisely what we’re all about at tuiss and in our Designer Boutique there are some real gems.



Scion Living

Scion Living is a fresh brand with lots of contemporary style mixed with a little cheeky charm. You’ve probably seen Mr Fox or Spike around but there’s lots more to enjoy. Everything from South American ikats to Japanese motifs all in the same spot.



Alternatively, you can go a little more traditional. We’ve called it the ‘Jewel in the Crown of fabric houses’ and you’d be hard pressed to argue any different. We’ve handpicked a selection of Harelquin’s finest fabrics for you to choose from.


Sabine Reinhart

She may not be a huge name in interior design yet but we’ve got a feeling she soon will be. This up and coming designer is renowned for her interesting and irreverent designs taken from nature.


See? We’ve done all the work for you. Have a little peruse, order some free samples and beat those manic crowds. It’s the only way to enjoy beautiful, designer things.

In The Press :: Paprika


If you’re looking for a warm design scheme to keep you feeling cosy throughout the winter, Grand Designs have the answer – paprika!


This bold, welcoming colour is ‘mellower than tangerine and softer than burnt orange’. As Goldilocks would say ‘it’s just right’.


We wholeheartedly agree. They’ve even used our Amala Living collection to highlight just how good this Mediterranean style can look.


If you love it (and why wouldn’t you?) then you’re in luck. You can buy the blinds, wallpaper, cushions and rug all from tuiss. For the furniture, check out for similar styles.


There are lots of other amazing ‘Buy the Look’ styles in our Scion Living by tuiss section so if paprika doesn’t float your boat, why not have a look at some other curated styles? Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them in future issues of Grand Designs.

How To :: Accessorise


Ok so you’ve decided on your theme. You love the (insert latest trend) look and you’re raring to go. You may have even chosen your colour scheme and even picked your paint (though don’t be hasty on that one, read on to find out why). But where next? How do we get from great idea to beautiful space that you’re ready to show to all and sundry?

When it comes to creating a cohesive look the devil is all in the details. Those details come in the form of carefully chosen accessories. Accessories come in all shapes and sizes so at this point things can get a little tricky. So here are a few ways you can accessorise to create the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Coordinate Colours


The best way to create cohesion is to carry on colours throughout your theme. If you want a coastal look, pick blue and white accessories, if you prefer Amala Living go for items with warm colour from the same side of the wheel.



Play with pattern


If you’re going for paint on the walls it can leave a room looking pretty plain. Accessories are a great way to experiment with different patterns. You can choose a single feature wall to go crazy with Mr Fox Living or you can be subtler with a few Passaro Living in various funky designs.


Start at your feet


Another blank canvas where your accessories can shine is your floor. Adding a Spike Living that ties into your colour scheme can pull everything together perfectly.


Create symmetry

Give your room some balance by using your accessories symmetrically. Place the same Lace Bedroom either side of a main feature to give the look of poise and equilibrium.



Create Variation


Group Berry Tree Living together in different shapes and sizes for an easy way to create interest. You can go for different vase height, differently shaped pictures or different sized cushions.


Whatever you decide, have fun, experiment with accessories. Your dream theme will soon come together and accessories are an inexpensive way to make it happen.

Trend Watch :: Lovely Linen


With winter on our doorstep, we’re really enjoying the comforting feel of soft fabrics in the home. Linen, naturally, is top of our list.

You may have noticed our recent newsletter extolling the virtues of linen. If you didn’t (or if you just love linen, like us, and want to read about it ALL the time) then here are 5 of the reasons linen is such a great choice.

Linen is…sophisticated

You know the feeling. You walk into a room dressed in linen and it has that ‘wow’ factor. You instantly feel like this is a place where quality matters. Well, all of that goes back to a time when flexibility was king and linen was king (or queen) of the flexible fabrics. We can’t see that prestige going away any time soon and we’re very happy about it!


Linen is…organic

We won’t bore you with the gory details of how linen is made, but traditionally it starts life as the humble flax plant. Nowadays the term has broadened, lots of man-made fabrics, especially polyester are given the moniker ‘linen’ so long as they have the look. But whether it’s the real deal or a quality lookalike, it means linen is ideal for creating that country chic look that never goes out of style.


Linen is…versatile

Whatever you want to do with linen, there’s a weave for that. Linen can be a heavy, cossetting fabric that makes your home feel cosy or it can be as light as a voile to give your space some light. That traditional flexibility carries right through to the modern day. No wonder its still so esteemed.


Linen is…flamboyant

With the advent of digital printers there’s no end to what linen can do. It can be used as a base cloth for the most vibrant of colours and patterns. Perfect for mixing modern and traditional styles.


Linen…feels good

There’s lots of complicated science that will tell you linen is great for helping your skin to breathe. We’re no scientists but we know what we like and we love the feel of linen. It feels great as a cushion cover and looks great too. Win-win.


So there we have it. Just some of the reasons we love linen. And if you’re still not convinced you can always order a free sample from tuiss and see for yourself!

In The Press: Good Homes


Round up, round up. It’s time for the latest installment of our ‘In The Press’ series, and today we’ve got not one, but two mentions in the November issue of Good Homes magazine.

We’ll start off with the one that takes centre stage across pages of 124 and 125. To you and me, that’s the pages dedicated to Ideas, Solutions, Looks and News with the latest decorating trends. And what beautiful collaboration caught Good Homes magazine’s eyes? Well it had to be Scion Living at tuiss.

They featured everyone’s favourite fox, the Scion Mr Fox, with the Lace chalk cushions and Medini Pewter rug too (which incase you missed it, we now stock too!). Scion are often featured in interior design magazines, including Good Homes on a number of occasions so for our collaboration to be the main feature is a pretty big deal too.



If you’re yet to discover to the collection then make sure you head over to tuiss now and check them out!

Next up, we’re flicking back a few pages to page 22, where right in the middle of Good Home’s guide to “Have your best-ever November” our Stamford Peppercorn roller blind hits the pages for it’s Dual-Purpose Design.


If you’ve been with us for a while, then we certainly don’t have to tell you about our lining options for roller blinds. To give you a quick recap we have three; standard, blackout and energy-saving, and all do what it says on the tin. (If you did want some more information about lining, check out our handy guide here)

The beauty of the Stamford Peppercorn roller blind is that not only does it come with the lining options, but it’s made of 100% pure, natural linen making it a sophisticated choice.

But that’s not the only gem in our Select roller blind collection. We’ve got around 100 designs, and they come with FREE thermal lining right now, so you can make a snug home for less. And all of them are right here in one handy place.

Trend Watch :: Fruity Tooty


With pumpkins filling every supermarket and pineapples in just about every interior design store, we have a feeling that something fruity is going on in Britain.

And if our presumptions are right, it’s definitely a trend that’s going to last well into the new year. We were recently perusing the stalls of the Decorex exhibition in London and the fruity little numbers just kept on coming. Continue reading

Introducing :: Buy The Look


Do you ever trowel through interior design magazines or flick through the thousands of beautiful photos on Houzz and just wish you could buy the entire room?

Well at tuiss, now you can! Working with our brand new collections from Scion Living, we’ve created over 20 fab room design that you can buy in one easy package. We call it ‘Buy the Look’. Continue reading

In The Press :: Azure Allure


Wow, where has the year gone? We’ve got a pile of November magazines piling high on the desk and they’re full of Bonfire Night, winter and even a touch of Christmas (sorry we even had to mention it).

But fear not. They haven’t gone into full festive overload yet. The interiors are still lovely and light, with pops of sunshine yellow popping up too. Continue reading