Try Something New :: Shower Curtains…

What do you use your blinds for? Most of you will use them for protection from the sun, many of you will also use them to keep you room private so you don’t need to worry about prying eyes… But what else could you use them for?

How about using them as a shower curtain?


If your bathroom is laid out in more of a wet-room style, a waterproof blind could be the perfect addition to your bathroom…

Waterproof Roller Blinds



An excellent choice for windows right next to your shower, you can also fit them from the ceiling and use them as a shower curtain:

  • Extremely durable - not only are these blinds waterproof, they’re also flame retardant and mould resistant, making them one of the most indestructible blinds available!
  • Protect your privacy - the pvc material is completely blackout, that means you won’t even be able to see a silhouette from the outside, perfect for those of you who want to be 100% protected
  • Ideal for wet environments - bathrooms, kitchens, hot tubs and swimming pools, these waterproof roller blinds would be suitable for any one of these areas

Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds


With the freedom to choose which side your controls are placed and which way the blind will open, these rigid pvc vertical blinds can make excellent shower curtains in larger bathrooms and wet-rooms:

  •  Strong material - the rigid pvc is both durable and long lasting, ensuring that you won’t need to replace it every few months
  • Wipe away any marks or stains - you won’t need to worry about leaving unsightly blemishes from your hair dye on these vertical blinds as they wipe clean extremely easily
  • No weights or chains - perfectly weighted, there aren’t any weights or chains along the bottom of these blinds, meaning that there’s nothing for you to trip over as you shower!

Complete the Look :: Coastal


While summer holidays may be firmly behind us, you can still channel the seaside spirit in your home with some stylish and quirky coastal decor…

Sea Glass

sea glass project 1

In beautiful colour tones, all with a distinct and gorgeous texture, sea glass is a great touch for any coastal theme.

While you can buy it from various seaside shops and stalls – there’s also plenty of it on sale on eBay! – taking a stroll on the beach to search for it yourself can prove to be a relaxing and fun holiday activity.

Embed it in plaster to use as decoration in either bathrooms or kitchens, fill mason jars and vases with the stone-like shards to create a colourful and unique display or sprinkle it on your tabletops for a stunning centrepiece decoration.

Boat Bookcase


Cute and quirky, these gorgeous bookcases will create a stunning display unit for all your coastal trinkets or every day ornaments.

Whether they’re up-cycled from a boat itself or just fashioned to look like quaint rowing boats, these bookcases will create a fun and funky atmosphere in your home and also prove highly practical.

We particularly love this one from Not On The High Street – with added oars to create a beautifully realistic look, this bookcase will complete your nautical theme.



seagulls-summer-sky-54-special-roller-blind-2 freeport-delft-blue-36-roman-blind-2












Dressing your windows doesn’t have to be a dull affair – you can even pick up various patterns and colour schemes that will fit in nicely with the rest of your coastal decor!

This Freeport Delft Blue roman blind is a particularly good choice to give a nautical effect – the bold stripes have a distinct sea-bound feel to them and the beautiful blue hue will provide an excellent accent in your home.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun and interesting, why not try something like this Seagulls Summer Sky roller blind? Great for use in a bathroom or kitchen, this blind packs a fun-loving punch with it’s pattern of seagulls, perfect for bringing a little bit of the coast right into your home.

Starfish and Shells



Whether you use them in a garland form, like in the picture above, or you fill vases with them to create quirky displays, shells and starfish are an ideal way to create a truly coastal finish to your room, as well as adding a uniquely personal touch to your home.

We love the idea of using shells in bathroom displays – try pairing them with small glasses or vases with a little sand in to create a mini-beach or fill an ornate bowl (or a larger shell!) with them to give your room an interesting ornament.

Once again, while you can buy them from coastal towns and over the internet, there’s nothing more fun that spending a seaside day searching for shells on the beach with your family.

Driftwood Signs


We love decor that features cute little messages – from framed quotes to hanging signs, they really give your home a personal touch.

Combine this with a bit of driftwood and you’ve got a meaningful message that can be displayed alongside your coastal decor – even better, if you’re the creative type you can scour the beach for driftwood yourself and paint it with whatever message you like!

Real vs Faux :: Silk Blinds & Curtains

There are certain fabrics that can give your home a luxurious and glamorous finish.

Silk is certainly a fabulous choice for adding an elegant touch to your home but it is the most practical?

With faux-silk materials also available on the market, which one is the better choice for your home? Take a look through the pros and cons of each before you make your decision…

Real Silk



  • Shines and shimmers - the fabric catches the light beautifully and will create a  gorgeous, rippling effect at your window
  • Rich, luxurious texture - smooth to the touch, real silk has a delicate yet recognisable texture
  • Full and sumptuous - give your window a striking depth with this  full and fabulous fabric
  • Dry Cleanable - if you accidentally splat or splutter anything onto your blinds or curtains, you can simply take them to the dry cleaners who will clean them with expert care

real-silk-platinum-24-curtain-1 real-silk-lime-punch-24-fabric-1


  • Low durability - if you’ve got children or pets who are likely to pull, tug and grab a lot, the fabric can become damaged and worn
  • Prone to staining - although you’re not likely to throw liquids or food around, if anything does hit the silk, you’ll need to move quickly to remove it otherwise you could be left with an unsightly stain
  • Sunlight damages - if the front of the silk is exposed to direct sunlight, it can fade quite quickly and appear patchy and uneven
  • Cost - due to being s luxury material, real silk does come with quite a hefty price tag

Faux Silk



  • Shiny and bright - guaranteed to shimmer in the light and create a wonderful shining effect at your window
  • Affordable - faux silk is available at a much cheaper cost than it’s real silk counterpart, allowing you to achieve the same striking effect for a more affordable price
  • Extremely durable - stronger and more robust than real silk, you can take them down and wash them then iron them before rehanging if you need to
  • Gorgeously glamorous - thick and full, this shining fabric simply oozes luxury and will add an elegant and glamorous finish to your decor

donatella-duck-egg-49-fabric-1 shantung-stone-36-fabric-1


  • Wrinkling – the fabric can often wrinkle when it’s packaged or in transit, which means you may need to iron it before you hang your blinds/curtains
  • Not as strong - being a synthetic fabric, it isn’t as strong as real silk and heavily perfumed chemicals and nail varnish remover should be kept away as they can severely damage the fabric
  • Ages poorly - more susceptible to wear and tear, therefore can often look worn out as it ages

While both real and faux silk have the same appearance and a near identical texture, their strengths and weaknesses dictate which one is better to use in which situation.

If your room tends to get a lot of light, faux silk will be a better choice as the sun won’t damage the material. If you want to give your room an astonishing finish that it both full and shimmering, you really can’t beat real silk.

We hope that this has been helpful to you but if you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments and we’ll try our very best to get an answer for you.


by tuiss :: Geograph Antique Roman Blind…


Feeling inspired by all the students packing their bags and travelling to university, this month we wanted to shine a light on our own travel inspiring design, this stunning Geograph Antique roman blind.

Why is it a blind worth of your attention? Take a look at our list below…

Trendy Design


Maps have always been a popular addition to home decor. From posters and decals to adorn your wall to beautiful and stylish globes to decorate your desks with.

The gorgeous pattern of this roman blind is no different – with a rich, beautiful detailing, this blind will transport you to the other side of the world…

Choice of Linings

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 15.55.58 Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 15.56.07

This roman blind comes with a choice between two linings:

  • Standard - allows the light to filter through your window gently, bathing your room in a radiant glow
  • Blackout - perfect for bedrooms, thick thick lining will completely block the sun from leaking through, keeping your room shaded and adding an extra fullness to the fabric itself

Quirky and Fun


The antiquated colourway features fresh pops of colour with the outline detailing in shades of pink, green and blue.

It is also a great way to show off your sense of style whilst adding a cheeky little glimmer of personality and whimsy to your home.

Deluxe Perfect Raise Headrail

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 15.52.21

Strong, durable and ideal for larger blinds, our deluxe headrail is automatically offered as a free upgrade on our roman blinds.

Featuring a continuous nickel chain, it not only makes operating the blinds even easier, it also adds a subtle sophistication to the blind itself.

Colourful Alternative

geograph-azure-24-roman-blind-2 geograph-azure-24-roman-blind-1












If the sepia tones of this blind are too dull for your liking, we also have it available in a wash of colour!

Our Geograph Ocean roman blind features the same detailing and design with a brighter and more bold colourway – perfect to make a statement at your window.

Complete the Look :: Rustic


The rustic look is a timeless and traditional style that is perfect for this time of year – as the world outside gets a little colder, your home will retain a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the space or funds to create a sprawling rustic theme such as the home above, but we’ve been searching for some of the best, most affordable accessories to help you give your home a rustic touch…
















Wooden walls are often a big feature of rustic decor but if you don’t already have wood foundations in your home, you can struggle to achieve this effect.

Rockett St George have the answer to your problem with this gorgeous Lumberjack Log wallpaper from their Engineer Collection.

With a stunning detail to the design, this wallpaper will give you the tools to create an eye-catching and unique statement wall in your room.

Fur Throws


Not only a brilliant decorative touch, fur throws are also a cosy option for oncoming winter months and these Luxurious Supersoft Fur Throws from Cox & Cox are no exception.

Perfect for either the bedroom or the lounge, you can use them as a gorgeous, decorative touch, or snuggle up in them and stay warm and cosy all winter.

Faux-Antler Chandelier



We want to stress that no deer were hurt in the making of this striking chandelier from Enzio Designs.

This stunning design is guaranteed to add a touch of rustic chic to home whist proving to be an eye-catching addition to your decor.




This gorgeous Spalted Ripple Hornbeam mirror is from Graham White Furniture and will prove a practical and perfect addition to a rustic environment.

With sweeping edges and the natural grain and texture of the timber left untouched, this mirror will not only add to the rustic sir in your home, it will also bring an outstandingly natural, organic feel.

Window Dressings

Mellow Oak & Natural

For an excellent finishing touch to your rustic style, extend it to your window dressings.

The Mellow Oak & Natural wooden blind with decorative tapes is an excellent choice for creating a traditional feel to your decor and the cotton tapes add a further touch of style.

However you can also use fabrics to create a rustic effect in your home, as shown by the gorgeous Lytham Macadamia curtains, pictured above.

Real vs Faux – Venetian Blinds

After careful consideration, you’ve decided that venetian blinds would be best suited for your home… But would real or faux-wood be best? What about an aluminium venetian blind instead? Which one will be the perfect choice?

No need to panic – todays blog will look at the benefits of each type of venetian blind to help you make the ideal choice for your home.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Lacquered Black Wooden Blind


  • Classic and charming - real wood venetians carry a timeless charm to them to give your room a beautiful, rustic finish.
  • Strong and durable - made from solid wood, these blinds are guaranteed to last so you can keep on-trend for longer.
  • Selection of colours and grains - from painted finishes to blend in with your decor to natural wood grains, both light and dark, to create a stunning accent in your home.
  • Various slat sizes - from 35mm to 65mm, you can choose the best slat size to suit your window perfectly.
  • Excellent light control and privacy protection - with a simple tilt of the slats, you can let the sunlight stream through whilst keeping the view from outside protected, perfect for over-looked windows.
  • Perfect for south-facing windows - the real wood slats won’t warp out of shape when subjected to sunlight, offering you a long-lasting solution.

colonial-fruitwood-26-wooden-blind-50-1 crisp-white-41-wooden-blind-50-2













  • Water damage - real wood can face warping and twisting if they’re fitted in moist environments, such as a bathroom or a kitchen.
  • Fading in the light - darker grains can fade if they’re subjected to intense sunlight too often.
  • Heavy to operate - larger blinds can be more awkward to raise and lower due to the sheer weight of the wooden slats

Faux-Wood Venetian Blinds

Reflections Limewash Fax-Wood Blind


  • Made from durable PVC - the strong, robust materials used guarantee that your faux-wood blinds are stylish and long lasting.
  • Woodgrain detailing - with a strong texture designed to look like a natural grain, you’ll barely be able to see the difference.
  • 100% waterproof - ideal for bathrooms and kitchen, the PVC slats are completely water resistant.
  • Easy to clean - whether it’s wiping them down with a damp cloth or soaking them in the bathtub, faux-wood blinds can be cleaned quickly and easily.

reflections-limewash-26-wooden-blind-50-1 reflections-cool-cream-26-wooden-blind-50-2













  • Bending and twisting – if placed in direct and intense sunlight, the PVC can warp and bend out of shape.
  • Weight issues – due to the density of the PVC, faux-wood blinds are not always a lighter choice and can be more difficult to raise and lower if covering a larger window.
  • Small selection of colours – many faux-wood blinds are only available in neutral colours, such as whites and creams, and a few wood shades.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds



  • Sleek and contemporary – straight lines and shining finishes make aluminium blinds a stylish and modern choice
  • Affordable - a cheaper option compared to the wood/faux-wood blinds, you can save money but still guarantee style
  • Incredible light control - with more slats than its larger counterparts, you can bathe your room in a beautiful glow with just the slightest twist of the tilt-wand
  • Keep your privacy protected - great for windows facing the main road or an overlooked apartment, you can keep yourself protected whilst still letting plenty of light into your home
  • Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms - the rust resistant aluminium will not be affected by any water splashes or moisture in the air
  • No twisting or warping - intense sunlight won’t bend the slats out of shape, making them suitable for south facing windows
  • Excellent choice of colours - vibrant colours, subtle naturals and shining metallics are readily available, making them one of the most colourful venetian blinds on the market

alpine-26-venetian-blind-1 vista-platinum-26-venetian-blind-2













  • Rattles and shakes - if your windows open on a windy day, the aluminium slats can act as wind chimes as they sway in the breeze
  • Delicate material - the slats can be bent out of shape if handled too roughly, making them a bit of a nightmare if you have pets or young children who like to grab and explore
  • Smaller slats - if you have large windows, the 25mm slats of the aluminium blinds can often make it look a little too busy
  • Difficulty cleaning - simple dusting can become quite the task as the smaller slats leave less room between each other when opened, making it harder for you to fit your hand in to wipe them down

And there you have it! The pros and cons of both real wood, faux wood and even aluminium venetian blinds.

To summarise, if you’re looking for a blind to fit in your bathroom, faux-wood or aluminium would be a better choice due to their water resistant qualities. If your room is subject to direct sunlight then a real wood or aluminium blind would be a more practical alternative as the slats will not twist out of shape in the heat.

We hope that this post has been of help to you but if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments :)

Why Buy Made to Measure?

When there are thousands of ready-made products readily available on the high street, why should you take the time to consider in investing in something made to measure?

It may seem easier to purchase ready made wares but with some products, bespoke really has its benefits.



Have you ever been to your local furniture store, tape measure in hand and full of determination, only to be knocked back at every turn because that sofa you really love is just too big and the other one that fits perfectly is only okay?

Though most people decide to simply grin and bear it and settle for something maybe a shade under-sized or opt for a colour that is ALMOST right, buying made to measure can solve all of your problems.

Buying bespoke allows you to choose the exact size, the exact colour, material and style you want to achieve and it really is worth taking the time, effort and sometimes a little extra money to get just what you want.

After all, furniture is an important part of your home and something you’ll hopefully be able to enjoy for years and years, so surely it’s better to get it just right.


Ermenegildo Zegna Hosts 500 Hands Event With Jason Taylor And Bart Scott

Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding or that big interview you’ve been waiting for, you’ll want to look as smart as you feel.

While you can buy plenty of good quality off the rack items to “suit” the occasion, there’s just something about owning a fully tailored, bespoke suit that makes you swell with pride.

Not only will your suit be one of a kind, made especially for you, you’ll also have an outfit that you feel wholly comfortable in – a must for any special event.

Window Treatments


Buying made to measure blinds and curtains means you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the product you’ve ordered will fit your window perfectly.

There are lots of cheap, ready-made alternatives available and while this might be a good option for less frequented rooms (perhaps the spare bathroom of the west wing), for the places you’ll be spending most of your time, made to measure is a worthwhile investment.

It also allows you the freedom to choose which style, colour, fabric and even lining you’d like, meaning that you can fully customise your blinds or curtains to completely suit your needs.

You can give your room the perfect finishing touch that complements or contrasts with the rest of your decor, creating the look that you’ve been dreaming of.

Not only that, it saves you the time and effort of cutting ready made products down to size – often poorly! And the best part about it? The extra cost is minimal. How much is too much for the peace of mind that your blinds or curtains will be just right?


Here at tuiss, we’ve covered over three million windows with our own made to measure blinds, curtains and shutters, meaning that you can rest assured that you will receive the best customer service that we have to offer to ensure that you find the perfect blinds, curtains or shutters for your home.

tuiss loves :: Buster + Punch

Creating a stylish, industrial look in your home has been made even easier with the release of the ELECTRICITY range of light switches and dimmers from Buster + Punch.


We simply adore the attention to detail that has gone into these creations along with the surprisingly large choice of colour combinations so you can find the perfect one to finish off the look in your room.


The white and brass designs are a particular favourite of ours as we love the contrasting colours and think it really hits the contemporary style on the head, as does the more striking combination of smoked bronze and brass, shown below.


Whether it’s a standard light switch or a dimmer switch that you’re after, we think these gorgeous creations would work perfectly alongside our blinds in a more contemporary environment, like these simple yet stylish Essentials Gloss White venetian blinds…


And we even think that, with the right decor, even our Shantung Mulberry curtains could be a great companion for these sleek, stylish switches…


Make Your House A Home :: tuiss blinds

One of the most effective ways to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home is by choosing the perfect blind.

With varying materials, textures, colours and styles to choose from the world really is your oyster!

Roman Blinds


Soft and sumptuous, our roman blinds can be the perfect addition to your room to give it a cosy feel. With a choice of linings available – blackout for the bedrooms to guarantee you sleep and thermal for energy saving properties, keeping your room nice and toasty in the winter – you can tailor them to your needs as well as choose a beautiful design to suit your decor.

Wooden Blinds


Giving your room a traditional and rustic feel as well as offering you excellent light control, our wooden blinds can be used to great effect in giving your house that homely feel.

Try combining them with a pair of curtains (like these Linen Oatmeal ones seen above) to further accentuate the cosy effect and add an additional warmth to your room.

Roller Blinds


Rustic linens, sumptuous silks and glamorous velvets, our roller blinds come in an array of materials to suit your furnishings as well as having a full choice of lining. This gives you the freedom to control the light, the temperature and the style in your home.

Vertical Blinds


Traditional and reliable, our vertical blinds are an excellent choice to give your house that added warmth that you desire. Ideal for larger windows, you can choose between neutral and natural shades to blend in or bold, vibrant colours to make a statement at your window.

There’s even a host of materials available from rigid pvc to suedes and faux-silks to help you achieve that perfect style in your home.

Plantation Shutters


The newest addition to the tuiss family, our plantation shutters have been designed with style and comfort in mind.

From energy saving properties to full light control, these shutters have a distinct traditional style to add a rustic yet practical feel to your home.

Make Your House A Home :: Plants

House plants can be an excellent way to give your humble abode a more homely feel. From gorgeous greens and fabulous flowers, their lush colours can bring an exciting accent to your room as well as give your home a natural, organic touch.

House Plants

But they’re not always just beautiful to look at – there are many plants that will bring practicality into your home as well. We’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite and most useful house plants to give you some inspiration…

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

A stunning sight, peace lilies will always be a striking and welcome addition to your home. They’re also proven to help detoxify the air, meaning that your home will feel even fresher with your peace lilies around!

Money Plant

Money Plant

Although we can’t guarantee that this plant will bring you fame and fortune, we can promise that it’s quaint little blossoms and waxy green leaves will provide a striking centrepiece to your room.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical, Aloe Vera should feature in everyone’s home! Once the leaves have grown enough, you can slice them off and use the gel-like sap on dry skin, rashes and even burns to help soothe and smooth your skin.

Pop one in your bathroom so it’s always on hand for your morning beauty regime- you won’t regret it!

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree

These quaint little trees can be just the thing to give your room a little quirk. With plenty of species and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect bonsai that will suit you and your home to a tee.



With their big, beautiful leaves and startling shades of green, philodendron’s will be a striking and exotic addition to your home. Ideal for bigger vases, you can even set up a trellis or cane for them to climb!