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Over the years, we’ve brought you so many tuiss loves posts- things that inspire us, take a fancy and are too good not to share. Since Valentines is almost upon us, we’ve compiled a few of our most favourite posts, sharing even more of the love.

Around The Home

We’ve seen many cool home accessories stores pop up, but there’s always a few that stick out and have stuck around.

Bisque Radiators

We take radiators for granted. We stick with the ones that come with the house, and other than the occasional lick of paint, we rarely think about changing them. With plenty of styles and colours to choose from, Bisque Radiators offer you plenty of choice.


Rory Dobner

We admire Rory Dobner‘s quirky, yet somewhat dark, designs and he’s been steadily building momentum over the past few years. We particularly like the alphabet tiles to make wall art with a difference.

Cat with a monocle

Buster & Punch

With a mix of lighting, handles and bikes, Buster & Punch are a must for any bachelor pad. They’ve got masculine style down to a tee, and who wouldn’t want a BoneShaker 79?


Gift Ideas

The Present Tree

If you’re trying to find a gift for a green-fingered friend or maybe you want to give something a bit different, then The Present Tree have gifts they’re bound not to have- trees, in a tube.


Holly’s Houses

Holly’s Houses specialises in custom made stamps, designed based on houses and buildings. So if you’re looking for a cute bespoke gift for the stationery geek, or for the home lover, check out these.

Custom Stamp

Web Wonders


We love a good nosey around other people’s homes and Houzz lets us do just that while grabbing some inspiration and shopping all at the same time. What’s not to love?


Chip It

Imagine if there was a website that told you the perfect colour schemes for your room from a simple image? well guess what? There is and it’s called Chip It. Or at least it was when we first stumbled across it. It’s now called Colour Snap.
Chip it 2

Design Seeds

And like Colour Snap helps to create your colour moodboard, Design Seeds has hundred of pre-made ones. Either pick a single tone and find accompanying shades or take a browse of the latest collections

Design Seed Global


Which was your favourite tuiss loves?

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