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Celebrating the works of LS Lowry, Tate Britain is holding an exhibition of his works this summer. Sounds like a perfect way to while away an afternoon to us.

Lowry used a very basic range of colours, which he mixed on his palette and painted on the white background. “I am a simple man, and I use simple materials: ivory, black, vermilion (red), Prussian blue, yellow ochre, flake white and no medium (e.g. linseed oil). That’s all I’ve ever used in my paintings. I like oils… I like a medium you can work into over a period of time”. Looking closely at the surface of Lowry’s paintings shows us the variety of ways he worked the paint with brushes (using both ends), with his fingers and with sticks or a nail.

Hillside in Wales 1962 by L.S. Lowry 1887-1976

Hillside in Wales 1962

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