Trend Watch :: Boho Vibes

Over on sites like Pinterest and Houzz, we’ve noticed that Bohemian is making a comeback, horrah! We love this boho trend not only for its bold use of colour and pattern, but also because it lends itself so well to our brand new collections.

Bohemian (or Boho for short) is one of those styles that’s so loose and varied that it’s hard to define exactly what it stands for, but we’ll give it a go anyway.

Unconventional, free spirited, exotic, wild, eccentric through the use of large plants, ethnic patterns, vintage furnishing and accessories and mid-coloured wood are all key elements. One of the most prominent aspects of this style is the use of warmer tones, such as amber, saffron and moroccan orange though.



And what collection has encapsulated this beautiful theme? The gorgeous fabrics and designs in the Spirit series from Scion; including Yoki, Medini, Amala, Shibori and Kali designs.






If you’re feeling inspired to let your spirits go and unleash your wild side, head over to our Scion Designer Boutique now:

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