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It’s quite difficult to get any more eco-friendly really. Reusing unloved things and turning them into lovely things. This is exactly what they do at Ting.

Ting transforms seat belts into cushions, poofs, wallets and more. Not just black seat belts either, there’s green ones courtesy of the ambulance service and orange ones from Easyjet. You won’t need to worry about chocolate stains or greasy fingerprints spoiling your new cushion though, the seat belts are all new having been rejected by buyers for one reason or another. The leather items were once old belts and saddles.

Ting is based in London, everyone cycles to the office, and they minimise their environmental impact wherever they can. There’s so many reasons to support Ting.

making luxury products that are sustainable, functional and uber-cool.

Floral cushionTing slingLeather belt coin wallet

Seatbelt cubeScoot satchel bagVintage leather belt

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