How To Style Your Home Like A Blogger

Ever wondered how bloggers make their homes look so dreamy? Spend days swooning over their interiors wishing it could be yours instead? Well we’re taking a closer look at our favourite home style blogs and figuring out exactly what it is that makes them so beautiful. Here goes…

Mad About The House

Master Bedroom and Ensuite from Mad About The House

We love Mad About The House’s home for one simple reason- she’s not afraid to use colour or pattern, and she certainly doesn’t follow the crowd. What we notice the most with Kate’s style is that doesn’t limit colour to just one room, she lets it wander the house yet every room has it’s own personality.

My Friend’s House

My Friend’s House

The reason we love My Friend’s House blog is that it feels somewhat aspirational, not inspirational. That’s not to say that the decor isn’t lovely, they are, but it’s certainly a place we can all aspire to own. Plus, they have the same problems as the rest of us- wishlist too big, bank balance too small.

They’re a bit different to Mad About The House in that when they use a colour, they use it! From the ceiling to the floor, it’s happening. Sometimes it pays to be brave.

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern Bathroom

There’s no denying that AA’s interiors take take inspiration from/inspire her own line of faux foliage and accessories and it definitely shows in her photos. And suppose that that is exactly what makes her home so dreamy. She does what she loves, in work and in pleasure and there’s no changing her style for one or the other. Her colour confidence shines through and it totally works. Her style is opulent and eccentric, and truth be told, nobody can pull it off quite like her. So once you’ve found your style, stick to it and make it a part of everything you do.

Bright Bazaar



Blue Bedroom by Bright Bazaar

Whilst Abigail Ahern may have a love for the darker tones, Bright Bazaar is quite the opposite, bright pops and candy shades. He’s partial to a touch of pattern too, which we love. And if you look through his photos, you’ll see that his coordination is uncanny. Take this beautiful blue bedroom for example. Even though the stripes are subtle, they run through everything from the bedding, to the rug and even the lampshade. But it doesn’t feel too matchy. It’s perfectly balanced the whole way through.

And the verdict?

It seems like the one way to get that blogger style is to pick an element and stick to it. And let it travel throughout your whole home, not just one corner of it. That doesn’t mean that you need to paint the whole of your house purple or green, just use accents of it in a number of room, even if it’s only on the legs of a chair.

Who’s your style inspiration? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to find out!

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