tuiss :: in the press (April Edition)

When you’re looking to fix up your home, where do you look? If you’re like us, then you’ll head straight to your stock of favourite interior design and home improvement magazines to find the latest and greatest design trends.

And guess what? We found our beautiful Kensington Satin White Shutters gracing the glossy pages of the April Edition of Period Living Magazine!

We were part of the Home Solutions ‘The Big Reveal’ article, where they showcased the best made-to-measure services for window shutters. We may be a little biased, but ours are most definitely the best of the bunch (as well as being the best price), just look at the stunning style!


Better still, our Kensington Satin White Shutters (and while we think about it, our Kensington Premium White Shutters too) now have an incredible 40% off. Find out what makes our shutters so loved and order your free sample today. Just head to
Tuiss_shutters_blog2 Tuiss_shutters_blog3

We enjoy seeing our gorgeous blinds and curtains in their beautiful new homes and we’d love to see more of them too! Post your snaps on Instagram with the hashtag #tuissathome and we’ll share our favourites for the world to see!

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