Discover the Perfect Balance with Diffusion Screens

When it comes to the warmer months, there’s no better view than relaxing on a sun lounger and seeing your garden in bloom. But when the indoors calls, you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour still.

Instead as we gaze out of the window we get a reflection of ourselves, or the bright rays of the sun blinding our eyes. With the Diffusion Screen roller blinds, you get all the view of the great outdoors without the glare of sun. Better still, from the outside they’re opaque, keeping your space secluded and privacy sacred no matter the weather.


With a range of neutral shades and textures, you can dress up your home with ease and enjoy the simplicity of these blinds, where function most definitely meets style.


Despite all of their obvious benefits, if the window is overlooked you might want to be cautious when the sun goes down as the roles are reversed. You could consider adding a lovely pair of curtains to the mix for maximum privacy and maximum style.

Explore our Diffusion Screens collection this National Gradening Week (13th-19th April) and bring harmony back to your life:

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