Thursday thought by tuiss :: Crush a can

As we recycle more and more we have to get cleverer at storing the recycling. Crushing aluminium cans can save a lot of space and here’s three nifty gadgets that all crush in a flash.

Alternatively there’s the Nnew can, a great invention that cuts out the middle man. With a deft twist of the hand the can reduces to a third of its size. In the shops soon!


Works the triceps too


Crushed bottles too


From Lakeland Limited


Crushing is so yesterday

tuiss Love :: Orla Kiely

true-love-smallOrla Kiely designs are known the world over and her signature stem print is iconic with its organic lines and beautiful use of colour.

If you’ve been inspired by Orla’s stem design then take a look at the selection of tuiss blinds that we’ve mixed in with the many stem print accessories available. For the full range of exclusive tuiss blinds please click here.

Lounging ...

Lounging ...

Connecticut Samphire

tuiss :: Connecticut Samphire

Fabric drum

Lounging no. 2 ...

Zingy towels

Zingy towels

tuiss :: Boho Green roller

tuiss :: Boho Green

Scented candles - ummm

Scented candles - ummm

Embrodered Towel & Mitt

Embroidered Towel & Mitt

Structure Zingy

tuiss :: Structure Zingy

Bathmat in mushroom

Bathmat in mushroom

Bondai Rustic

tuiss :: Bondai Rustic

Scribble Multi Stem in Grey

Scribble Multi Stem in Grey

Lambswool Cushion Chocolate

Lambswool Cushion Chocolate

tuiss love :: Palmer and Sons bespoke leather


Palmer and Sons are based in Vancouver, Canada and produce some simply stunning leather goods.

Leather is a controversial product with many pros and cons to its use. In cases like this we feel a quality product that lasts for generations is one way to square the circle, when it is handled with the love and care that Palmer and Sons give every single one of their products we think it deserves a little tuiss love, just please choose the vegetable tan leather.

At Palmer And Sons we make all of our designs with only our own hands in Vancouver, Canada.  My son Jack and myself design, prototype and produce each design one at a time from start to finish. Using traditional methods, heritage materials and vintage tools to bring you designs that are timeless and peaceful in their principles.  We hope you enjoy our limited issue designs, we feel they speak to a slow, calm, and more enjoyable mode of life.

Leather Suitcase No 03 XXS

Leather Suitcase No 03 XXS

Leather Gladstone No 10 L

Leather Gladstone No 10 L

Leather WorkBag No 11

Leather WorkBag No 11

They also have a blog which is worth a read.

tuiss Love :: Bold & Noble

true-love-smallWe really do love Bold & Noble. Not only are their prints super, super stylish, great value but they’re also earth friendly too. Quite like tuiss really!

Producing each poster takes real skill, inks are hand mixed and then printed using the silkscreen printing process. Based in Hertfordshire Bold & Noble do all they can to be green, the card is recycled card, and the packaging has been thought about too.

Look out for the prints that would look great in nursery or pre-school bedroom, it’s never too early to have style!


Type map



Black roman blind collection by tuiss

Black will happily sit next to any tone on the colour wheel. It can inject power into a subtle scheme or stabilise a more vibrant style.

There are three tuiss roman blinds in a black colour way and with their different textures they each add something a little different.


Decadence Obsidian - This smooth velvet with a touch of sparkle brings magic into any room. The velvet softness just begs to be touched!


Vermont Black - The simplicity of the Vermont fabric brings simplicity but wonderful colour depth too.


Chenille Noir - Chenille is a classic fabric for a roman blind, it will hang beautifully with soft handle and drape.

Uber minimalist lounge

Italian leather and clean line furniture gives an ultra modern look. Team our Vermont Black roman blind, with its simple lines it will look a treat and also introduce a balanced softness.


Stylish bedroom

Opt for a masculine mono scheme but keep it feminine too with elegant lighting and soft textures. A chenille black roman blind at the window adds an extra touch of luxury and sensuality, just perfect for a special space to escape to.


Gloss kitchen

Gloss kitchens are very popular but add designer difference with a roman blind in beautiful black velvet. Accessorise with softer colours for interest.


Take a look at the tuiss collection of Black roman blinds.

tuiss Love :: Glove Love

true-love-smallWhat to do with a lone glove or lost glove that you find? Glove Love has the answer. Glove Love pair up gloves to make a ‘matching’ pair. The gloves that you will receive will be washed and specially labelled with the Glove Love many-handed monster. An unusual gift for this Christmas time.

There is a lovely story behind Glove Love that’s well worth a quick read or watch their quirky video.


tuiss Love :: Designer lighting


These lights from the Caroline McGrath website touch all three of the tuiss touchstones with their design details, affordability and kindness to the environment.

Which is your favourite? I’m drawn to the Flair but love the shape of the aptly named Calm Drop.


A warm light emanates from Flair’s balanced, quiet form. The outer petals touch lightly, each supporting the others to form a light canopy, delicately holding still. In this paper option, the designers tried to use as little material and energy as possible, while making the Flair Lampshade tranquil and gentle.


This intriguing and striking design has been developed by interiors company One Foot Taller in collaboration with textile designer Genevieve Bennett. The paper option gives soft, distinct silhouettes and creates fine shadows around the shade. Produced from high quality recycled paper.

Calm Drop Lampshade in Organic Cotton

The Calm Drop Lampshade is a soothing, gentle design that diffuses the light in a living space or bedroom. In groups, it can produce an exciting centrepiece - perhaps over a dining table. The Calm Drop Lampshade is made from organic cotton and uses minimal energy to produce. Quite simply beautiful.

Reusable bags :: Animal character Bag

Last week I blogged about reusable bags. I spotted this one today and had to share it. Available from Suck UK, this nifty bag can be transformed into all manner of animals and alien type beings. Go to Suck UK if you want to see a squirrel, penguin and cat. If you like fiddling I predict this bag may become quite addictive.

A bunny,

A bunny,

maybe a butterfly

maybe a butterfly


or what about a mouse.

Character bag

Innovative upcycling :: rubbish to beauty

The phrase upcycling was coined by William McDonaugh and Michael Braugart in their book on ecologically intelligent design, Cradle to Cradle. In the simplest terms, upcycling is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value. All of the following products have been upcycled and some of them from surprising products.

Some we absolutely love and have bestowed tuiss love on them. In particular take a look at the Smateria website, you cannot fail to be impressed by the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of the Cambodian people. Take a look at the videos too, taking a plastic bag and turning it into a handbag is tops in our opinion.


Milk bottles from the 1980's upcycled into retro glasses


Old scratched vinyl records transformed into coasters


Once a number plate now a designer bag


Colourful choco pouches upcycled into luggage

sdfdfdsfsdfsdf sfsdf sd

Juice cartons into hard wearing document folders


Bright Choco handbag this time - drink less choco maybe?


Once a dirty old bin bag transformed by crochet

Fire hose belt

Old London Fire Brigade hoses, profits to the Benevolent Fund


Once a tyre now a rock chick bag with attitude