Decisions, Decisions :: Magic Screen or Voile?

Finding the right balance between privacy and natural light can be a nightmare when your home is overlooked.

The best options available for your windows are magic screens and voiles… But which one will be the best choice for your home?

We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of each to help you choose wisely and allow you to keep your privacy protected without being kept in the dark.

Magic Screen



  • Durable and Lightweight Material – the pvc/polyester mix is both strong and robust, making it exceptionally easy to clean, as well as being delicate enough to let the light filter through
  • Complete Privacy During the Day – as long as there’s light outside, this Diffusion material will keep the view into your home protected perfectly
  • Protects Against UV Rays – designed to help keep the suns glare out of your home, these screens are perfect for offices and living rooms, protecting your screens against glare as well as helping to stop your upholstery fading
  • Range of Colours Available – from whites, creams and naturals to darker shades of grey and black, we have the perfect colour screen for your room

diffusion-luxe-bleached-sand-18-roller-blind-2 diffusion-black-49-roller-blind-2













  • Only Works During the Day – unfortunately, as soon as it’s dark outside and you have lights on in your home, the screen protection is reversed, allowing people to see inside




  • Light and Airy – voiles are so delicate they instantly bring a light and airy feeling into your home, perfect for smaller rooms that can feel a little cramped and dark
  • Choice of Dressings – choose between roman blinds and roller blinds or even go for a pair of curtains to help you create the perfect look in your home
  • Doesn’t Hinder the View – you’ll still be able to see clear as day outside, meaning that you can fully enjoy the benefits of your view any time

country-voile-cinder-36-roman-blind-2 doodle-translucent-18-roller-blind-2













  • Don’t Work With Lights On – if you’ve got your lights on inside, people will be able to see through the voile quite easily, which can cause issues when it comes to the evening
  • Combinations Work Best – to ensure voiles are effective, it’s best to combine them with other blinds and curtains made from standard materials so you can enjoy light protection during the day and complete protection at nighttime

Magic Screens are definitely a better choice for overlooked homes as they’ll offer you the best protection.

If you have more open space around your home but you still want a little protection at your window, a Voile would be a better choice as it’s lighter and more airy.

You can order free samples for all the materials from our website or give us a call on 0800 862 0466 if you have any further questions.


by tuiss :: Zola Indigo Curtains

blinds-2-go-61769Soft, sumptuous and oh so decadent, these Zola Indigo curtains are guaranteed to give your home a glamorous lift.

Luxurious Fabric


The crushed velvet material positively shimmers and shines as it catches the light, creating an eye-catching focal point in your room and adding a touch of luxury to your home.

Choice of Linings


The thicker the lining you choose, the fuller the fabric will look so if you want ultimate luxury and protection, a blackout lining is the one for you.

Our thermal lining will not only add volume to the material, it will also keep the temperature controlled in your room and help you cut the costs of your energy bills.

If you don’t fancy either of these, there’s also a standard lining available that will let light filter through gently to make sure your room stays feeling airy and light.

Bold and Beautiful


The striking azure sheen to the fabric is a brave and brilliant choice for your room, especially if you’re decorating a more neutral space with bold blue accents.

Different Headings Available


Whether you have a rail or a pole, we supply curtains to suit your needs.

Choose between eyelet, pinch pleat and double pinch pleat heading to suit your home and we’ll figure out how much additional fabric to use to ensure your curtains have plenty of gather.

Glitz and Glamour


There’s something distinctly glam about crushed velvet and these curtains are certainly no exception so if you’re looking to glam up your home, they’ll be the perfect choice for you.

A Stylish Combination – Wood Venetian Blinds and Curtains

Sometimes rooms can really benefit from layering at the windows. When you have a more traditional decor, one of the greatest and most stylish ways to truly benefit your home is by using wooden venetian blinds combined with curtains.

A Natural Touch

Mellow Oak & Natural

Real wood venetian blinds are an excellent choice to add a natural, more organic feel to your home.

When that’s combined with a curtain that features a rough and rustic weave, such as the Denver Stripe Linen curtains pictured above, you can create the perfect finishing touch to your traditional and timeless decor.

Excellent Light Control

blinds-2-go-61798Venetian blinds offer you the best light control available – with a simple pull of the tilt cord, you can spin the slats to allow as much or as little light through as possible. The only possible issue with them is that they can’t offer you full blackout protection.

That’s where pairing them with curtains can come in handy – you can opt for a blackout lining that will keep your room shaded and dark, allowing you to relax fully as well as staying cosy and snug.

Perfect for Privacy

tuiss201245728With excellent light control comes excellent privacy and, once again, venetian blinds are one of the better choices to keep your home protected.

However if you want to keep your blinds open to let as much light through as possible, you can combine them with a pair of standard lined curtains to allow the sunlight to filter through softly.

Even better, pair them with voile curtains to ensure that you get the best of both worlds – plenty of light in your home whilst not having to worry about the outside world being able to see in.


Keeping Clean :: Roman Blinds


Keeping your blinds clean can be a tiresome task so we’re here to guide you through the top three ways to keep your roman blinds looking as good as new.

Light Hoovering


This may seem like a quick and easy fix but be warned – you will have to be delicate and gentle with your blinds, particularly if they have an embroidery on them, to avoid damaging the fabric. Using the upholstery attachment on your hoover is the safest way to do this.

By simply hoovering from left to right or top to bottom, you will pick up any collecting dust and ensure that your blind remains clean and fresh – and you won’t even need to take it down!

Dry Cleaning


We believe dry cleaning is the best option by far – not only does it give you one less thing to worry about but it also guarantees that your blinds will come back to you in top condition.

This is especially effective if you have velvet or silk blinds as they require extra care when it comes to cleaning – your dry cleaners will know exactly what to do and what not to do to ensure your blinds stay safe and in one piece.

Wipe With A Damp Cloth


If your roman blind has a stubborn stain or mark on the fabric, you can use warm, soapy water to wash it away.

Be sure not to use any cleaning products that will be too strong or potentially harmful to the fabric with a soft, clean sponge to gently rub at the offending area. Once the mark is removed, simply rinse lightly with clean water and pat dry with a towel.

Note: Velvets and Silks can absorb water easily and stain, so we would recommend dry cleaning these fabrics instead.

Decisions, Decisions :: Thermal or Blackout?

Sometimes a standard lining just isn’t enough for your home. You might be looking for something to keep your home a little darker, or maybe you’d prefer something to keep your home even warmer, either way, a decision needs to be made.

To help you make the right decision and ensure that you are completely happy with your choice, we’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of both thermal and blackout linings, allowing you to compare the two and choose the right one for your home.




  • Gives your home an added warmth – the thermal linings are designed to help keep the heat in your room, making them an excellent choice as the winter begins to set in and helping to create a snug, cosy atmosphere in your home
  • Energy efficient – because more warmth will be trapped in your room, you won’t need to keep popping the central heating on, helping you to cut the costs of your energy bills
  • Thicker lining to keep room shaded – while it won’t block out the light completely, it will stop as much flowing through the fabric, helping to keep your room slightly shaded and protected against any glare
  • Controls temperature inside effectively in both summer and winter – in the winter, the warmth from inside your home will be reflected back into your room whereas in the summer, the unwanted heat from outside will be reflected away to help you stay comfortable in your home all year round
  • Adds volume and body to fabric – with the added thickness of a thermal lining, your blinds and curtains will appear even more full and sumptuous than before



  • Lining is usually off-white, ecru colouring – the lining can sometimes cause lighter, more white blinds to appear less crisp as the light shines through, giving them a more natural, almost yellowy tint
  • Light still filters through – while this may not be a problem to many, if you are looking for something to keep the light away from your room, a thermal lining simply won’t be up to the task as it will still let soft light filter through
  • May still see silhouettes in the evening – although your room will be blocked from view, the lining may still allow silhouettes to be seen from outside if you have your lights on, so be careful if you’re dancing around your bedroom late at night!




  • Keeps the unwanted light at bay – if you’re fed up of that streetlight keeping you awake at night then a blackout lining is the one for you, it will keep all light blocked from your home, allowing you to get the best night’s sleep possible
  • Protects your privacy – the blackout lining is so thick, it will completely block both the view from inside and outside your room, making it an excellent companion to bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Thick lining adds volume to material – due to the thickness of the lining itself, your blinds and curtains will receive an additional boost of volume, giving them an even more full and more sumptuous finish
  • Neutral colour of lining means no interference with fabric colour – the lining itself is white in colour so it can be paired with neutral, natural and patterned blinds alike without leading to any discolouration
  • Less heat will escape through your windows – the heat in your home will struggle to push it’s way through the thicker lining, helping to keep it feeling a little warmer



  • Light is completely blocked out – if your home is naturally quite dark, you may want to steer away from a blackout lining as it will stop the remaining light from filtering in, meaning that you’ll be fully reliant on your lighting
  • Won’t control the temperature in your room as effectively – although it may become slightly warmer, it won’t be as energy efficient for you as a thermal lining
  • All your windows will look the same with blinds lowered – although this may not be an issue for everyone, from outside, all your blinds and curtains will appear white and plain

The lining you choose will fully depend on what functionality you want for your blind.

If you want it to keep the light out completely, then a blackout lining is the best option for you.

If you’re more interested in controlling the temperature in your home and saving money on your energy bills, then thermal is the way to go.

Of course, if you have any questions you’re more than welcome to give us a call and discuss anything – we’re happy to help and offer you advice when needed and, even better, we’re just a phone call away…


Keep Your Home Warm This Winter – Radiators

Believe it or not, this isn’t a stating the glaring obvious post – everyone knows that radiators will keep your home warm!

End view with valves on cream

However, we’ve been looking for some handy hints about how to utilise your radiators to their full potential and keep your home as warm as possible this winter.

Clear the Way


If you have any furniture sitting in the way of your radiators, it can hinder the progress of the heat.

Of course if your sofa sits in front of you radiator, you may not want to go to the trouble of completely rearranging your room, but if you have a few tables or an armchair in the way, you might want to nudge them over to one side to clear a path for the heat.



Lining the wall behind your radiator with tinfoil is an excellent way to reflect the heat back into your room – this works especially well with radiators that are on the outside wall of your home as it stops the heat escaping through the brickwork.

While you can purchase specially made foil to do this with, standard tinfoil that you can find in your kitchen works just as well and is also a much more affordable alternative.



A perfect solution for home with high ceilings, placing a shelf above your radiator is a great way to stop the heat from rising too far and losing the benefits in your room.

Not only will it help to keep your home warmer, it will also give you an extra storage area where you can arrange your ornaments or create a themed display that will fit in with your decor beautifully.

A Stylish Combination – Roman Blinds and Curtains

Whether you’re looking for a particular style and sophistication to your home or even if you can’t make up your mind between a roman blind or a pair of curtains, why limit yourself to one window dressing?

Using a combination of the two not only creates a visual delight at your windows, there are also hidden benefits depending on your chosen fabrics and styles…

Perfect for Privacy


An ideal solution for overlooked homes or houses that face busy roadways or footpaths.

You’ll want to keep your window covered during the day to ensure your home is kept private but closing the curtains and blocking out the light isn’t always the best thing to do – you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a cave!

Combining a voile style roman blind, such as this Relaxed Voile Pearl, with a pair of curtains can solve your dilemma quite easily. The voile can be lowered during the day, allowing the light to filter through and bathe your home in a gentle glow and then once the evening sets in, you can simply pull the curtains across to keep your room feeling snug and cosy into the night.

Added Warmth


If your windows have a habit of letting all the cold air leak in, doubling up on your dressings could help you cut your costs.

With various linings available on both blinds and curtains, you can choose an energy saving option to help control the temperature more effectively in your home – combine this with a blackout lining and you’ll receive the added bonus of blocking out unwanted light, perfect for a bedroom.

If you choose more luxurious and sumptuous fabrics, like these Zola Auberge curtains, you’ll also gain the benefit of a glamorous touch to your decor.

Bursts of Detail and Colour


You can use layers beautifully to switch between those times that you feel bold and brilliant and those times that you need something a little more soothing.

Hiding away a brighter, more bold pattern in the form of a roman blind can be a great way to give your room a burst of colourful personality while the option of a more simplistic and plain design for the curtains adds a more subtle finish to your room.

By using complimenting colours that keep in with your interior theme, you can create a stylish and seamless effect that will give your home an added air of sophistication.

tuiss loves :: Bisque Radiators

With the dark night’s setting in and the temperature beginning to drop, we’ve been looking for some heating solutions to keep our houses feeling warm and toasty this winter.

We just happened to stumble across Bisque and their huge range of fully customisable radiators and it’s safe to say that we warmed to them straight away!


They aren’t just highly practical and stylish to boot, they’re also available in a selection of colours and finishes, allowing you to create the perfect finishing touch in your room.


Their classic designs can be made in a plethora of bright and brilliant colours, adding a playful element into your home or blending in seamlessly with your decor.


When it comes to towel rails, they have some of the most innovative and contemporary designs available for both your kitchen and your bathroom.


Not only will these chic and stylish radiators keep your room feeling warm, they also add a modern edge to your room and could even be mistaken for wall decorations!

Fully customisable to suit your needs, you can even preview the product before you buy to make sure that you make the perfect choice for your home.


Click here to take a look at their website and view their full range – we’re sure they’ll fill you with a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Try Something New :: Room Dividers

Whether you have an open plan home or just a large room that you’d like to section off, you don’t necessarily need to look for planning permission to install another wall or two.

A much easier, quicker and tidier solution is using a room divider… And guess what can be a really good choice for those?

Vertical Blinds


An excellent choice for room dividers, vertical blinds create a seamless and sophisticated divide that will allow you to keep sections of your room private yet still easy to access.

With a large array of colours and materials available, you can fully customise the finish of your blinds to perfectly compliment your decor or create a beautiful accent in your home.

Roller Blinds


Ideal for sectioning off a small area of your room – such as the entrance to a pantry or storage area – roller blinds are easy to fit and easy to use.

You can even choose a voile-like roller blind to act as a screen, successfully sectioning off your room without making it feel small and cramped.

Single Curtain


If your looking for the perfect solution to covering doorways or hallway entrances, look no further than a single curtain.

Even better, if you incorporate a thermal lining on the back of the fabric, they’ll even act as extra insulation to keep your room feeling nice and toasty.

Panel Blinds


Create an additional wall in your large room, cutting it down to the perfect size, by using a panel blind.

Available in various colours, materials and designs, you can create a seamless look that is the perfect way to turn those larger rooms into two smaller ones.

Real vs Faux :: Suede Blinds

Usually a popular choice for upholstery, you can also use suede to make both blinds and curtains.

This can add a sophisticated style to your home like no other but is it the right choice for you? Take a look at the pros and cons of both real and faux suede before you decide…

Real Suede



  • Natural colours – for those of you who want to give your home a rich, organic feel, suede can be the perfect option as it’s available in a wide array of natural tan tones
  • Gorgeous texture – with an almost velvety finish, this super soft, super smooth material adds a touch of understated glamour to your windows
  • Classic and stylish – for the designer hungry customers, suede can be a great option because it positively radiates style and class

italian-suede-macchiato-20-fabric-1 italian-suede-verona-grey-20-fabric-1












  • Expensive – as with most luxury materials, suede is an expensive option
  • Hard to clean – real suede sucks up moisture and oils easily, leaving marks and stains so needs regular and specialist up-keeping

Faux Suede



  • Value for money – it’s a cheaper alternative to real suede, meaning that you can save a few pennies for the important things in life
  • Looks amazing – sumptuous and smooth, you’ll want to award a prize to anyone who can tell that it isn’t real suede
  • Harder to stain – the faux fabric is treated in a different manner meaning that it’s more water resistant and less likely to stain and mark

italian-suede-ecru-20-fabric-1 italian-suede-nubuck-brown-20-fabric-1












  • Less durable – more susceptible to wear and tear so you’ll have to handle it gently
  • Collects dust and hair – you’ll need to make sure that you’re able to clean your window dressing easily because the dust and hair in your home will be drawn to it

If you have small children, faux suede will be a better option for you – they’re grabbing hands and tendency to throw things they shouldn’t won’t have a damaging affect on the material – the same applies to pets, even though their hair may stick to your blinds or curtains, it will a lot easier to and cheaper to clean than real suede.

However, if you’re confident that you’re windows are nicely out the way and not likely to be pawed at by children or pets, there’s no reason that real suede can’t be the solution for you.