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At tuiss, we believe that you should be able to create a home that’s perfect for you. The blind you want, with the features you want too. That’s why we have the Options collection.


It’s a range of exclusive, contemporary designs, where you’re in control. No one should have to choose between style and features, so we give you the choice lining to suit your needs. Your options: Standard, Energy-Saving and Blackout.





There’s no denying it, this time of year we all wish that the sun would just disappear when we’re trying to sleep. You try to get an early night, but it’s impossible with the sun still wide-awake.

With blackout blinds, you can block out the sun, or just that pesky streetlight that happens to be outside your window, you can drift off with ease, as well as enjoying a well-deserved lie-in when the weekend comes.

Energy Saving


When most people think of thermal or energy-saving blinds they tend to just think it helps keep the warmth in during winter. But they actually also help to do the complete opposite- keeping the heat out during summer.

They help to keep the cooler air inside the home, whilst the lining also helps reflect, or block, the rays of warmth from the outside.

That means that the cooler air from the air-con will last that bit longer, or you can keep it on a lower setting. Either way, they help to cut your bills throughout the summer whilst keeping your home at a temperature that’s just right for you.



But if your home is at an ideal temperature already and you enjoy the sunrise waking you from your slumber, then the standard lining lets you have the beautiful designs without any of the unnecessary stuff.



What’s more, all of the Options Roller Blinds are water resistant and the roller tubes are rust free, making them a great addition to bathrooms and kitchens too!

Find your perfect Option at http://bit.ly/1zTxBLR today!

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