Introducing :: Brand new wooden blinds

Just added to tuiss- BRAND NEW natural and real wood blinds.

When it comes to sprucing up your home, you want nothing than the best, so we’ve worked hard to bring you over 60 brand new wooden blinds. From painted basswood to real oak, these blinds will bring a whole new feeling to your home, with unbelievable prices.


Forestria is home to many of your most loved wooden blinds, with the likes of Snow White and Warm Cream calling it home. But just added, we have 4 brand new Real Ash blinds and 4 Real Oak blinds too.

Tuiss_omnikablog1Tuiss_omnikablog2Urban Heritage

A whole new collection that carries the height of contemporary sophistication, our collection of Urban Heritage painted woods will inspire you to create the room of your dreams using nearly 50 of the most stylish of colours to truly complement your home.Tuiss_omnikablog3


Beautifully crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this collection features lovely light woods through to rich dark timber that will bring a natural touch to your home.




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