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One of the most effective ways to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home is by choosing the perfect blind.

With varying materials, textures, colours and styles to choose from the world really is your oyster!

Roman Blinds


Soft and sumptuous, our roman blinds can be the perfect addition to your room to give it a cosy feel. With a choice of linings available – blackout for the bedrooms to guarantee you sleep and thermal for energy saving properties, keeping your room nice and toasty in the winter – you can tailor them to your needs as well as choose a beautiful design to suit your decor.

Wooden Blinds


Giving your room a traditional and rustic feel as well as offering you excellent light control, our wooden blinds can be used to great effect in giving your house that homely feel.

Try combining them with a pair of curtains (like these Linen Oatmeal ones seen above) to further accentuate the cosy effect and add an additional warmth to your room.

Roller Blinds


Rustic linens, sumptuous silks and glamorous velvets, our roller blinds come in an array of materials to suit your furnishings as well as having a full choice of lining. This gives you the freedom to control the light, the temperature and the style in your home.

Vertical Blinds


Traditional and reliable, our vertical blinds are an excellent choice to give your house that added warmth that you desire. Ideal for larger windows, you can choose between neutral and natural shades to blend in or bold, vibrant colours to make a statement at your window.

There’s even a host of materials available from rigid pvc to suedes and faux-silks to help you achieve that perfect style in your home.

Plantation Shutters


The newest addition to the tuiss family, our plantation shutters have been designed with style and comfort in mind.

From energy saving properties to full light control, these shutters have a distinct traditional style to add a rustic yet practical feel to your home.

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