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Having a house that you can be proud of is certainly an excellent achievement but many people won’t be satisfied until their house feel like a proper home.

In order to achieve a homely, cosy feel, you don’t always need to break the bank- just adding a few simple yet effective touches can turn your beautiful house into a beautiful home.



Have you been excluding candles to that box under the stairs that’s there for power-outage emergencies? We’ll admit that we too have been guilty as charged but it’s time to pick them up, dust them off and start getting creative with candlelight to give your room a gentle glow and soft ambience that is guaranteed to transform your house into a home.



Tealight candles are a simple yet effective way to add a little ambience to your home. Not only are they one of the most affordable options, they also come in a range of different colours and scents to match your decor and help set the perfect mood in your home.


There’s also a plethora of tealight holders available from quirky, contemporary designs to simple coloured glasses and intricate lanterns that will throw stunning, dancing patterns onto your walls. This leaves the world of tealight candles wide open for interpretation and allows you to create the perfect look for you.

Block Candles


Available in vivid blocks of colour as well as multicoloured shades, these chunky and funky candles can be used to create a beautiful and bold statement in your room.


These candles are also perfect for creating interesting and exciting arrangements, grouping them together will not only provide you with a stylish, long lasting display, they’ll also give off enough light that you can turn the lamp off and snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of wine and your favourite film.

Floating Candles


We have to admit that these candles are our very favourites because they’re just so much fun!

They also give you flexibility to create a little water garden in the comfort of your own home- not only will it look bright and beautiful during the day, it will also light up your home in the evenings as the candles bob around happily as they burn.

Morales Candles on Mantle Closeup

There are also some beautiful ways that you can display these candles, you can really let your imagination go wild as you experiment with different bowls, jars and accessories to really add a personalised touch.

Why stop there?


There are so many other ways that you can use candles to create a beautiful, glowing effect in your home. Why not pop a candelabra on the table next time you sit down to dinner? Or treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath by candlelight?

il_fullxfull.579543910_6rfm Buble bath







However you choose to do it, using candles in your home will certainly bring a warm and cosy feel that you’ll love so much, you’ll never leave them under the sink again!

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