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Give your home a timeless touch with these gorgeous Kensington Satin White plantation shutters.

One of the newest additions to the tuiss family, these stunning shutters have so many benefits that we’ve found it hard to narrow it down to the top five reasons that we think these shutters are deserving of our Product of the Month this December…

Sleek and Stylish


Designed with traditional style in mind, these shutters effortlessly combine both classic charm and more contemporary measures.

With a satin white colourway, these shutters will blend in beautifully to any decor scheme, making them a popular and practical choice for the home.

Practically Indestructible


Made from extremely robust material, these shutters also feature an aluminium core along the inside of the slats, helping to keep them rigid and strong. Contrary to popular belief, the strong material is also lightweight, making both the fitting and the use of your shutters nice and easy.

They’re also extremely easy to clean – whether it’s dust, pet hair or the dinner that your toddler launched across the room, these shutters won’t stain and you can be as gentle or as rough as you like when it comes to cleaning any marks from them.

Extremely Energy Efficient


It may seem odd that shutters can be energy efficient but these beauties have been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 60%, saving you money on your bill throughout the year.

It also means that they help to control the temperature in your home – whether it’s keeping your home warmer in the winter months or helping to keep the sun out so your room is cooler during the summer, these shutters will do the job.

Suitable for Bathrooms, Kitchens and Outdoors


The durable material is both UV resistant and waterproof, making these shutters ideal for any room inside your house… And even outside too!

If you want to create a traditional twist in your bathroom or add a touch of style to your kitchen, these shutters are simply perfect.

And if you love the traditional look of shutters on the exterior of your home, you can even use them outdoors as they are practically impervious to the elements.

Made in the UK


The main benefit of UK production is that it guarantees the shortest lead times available.

That means no need to wait weeks and weeks for your shutters to be delivered, meaning you can complete the look in your home for a fraction of the time and the cost.

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