Keep Your Home Warm This Winter – Radiators

Believe it or not, this isn’t a stating the glaring obvious post – everyone knows that radiators will keep your home warm!

End view with valves on cream

However, we’ve been looking for some handy hints about how to utilise your radiators to their full potential and keep your home as warm as possible this winter.

Clear the Way


If you have any furniture sitting in the way of your radiators, it can hinder the progress of the heat.

Of course if your sofa sits in front of you radiator, you may not want to go to the trouble of completely rearranging your room, but if you have a few tables or an armchair in the way, you might want to nudge them over to one side to clear a path for the heat.



Lining the wall behind your radiator with tinfoil is an excellent way to reflect the heat back into your room – this works especially well with radiators that are on the outside wall of your home as it stops the heat escaping through the brickwork.

While you can purchase specially made foil to do this with, standard tinfoil that you can find in your kitchen works just as well and is also a much more affordable alternative.



A perfect solution for home with high ceilings, placing a shelf above your radiator is a great way to stop the heat from rising too far and losing the benefits in your room.

Not only will it help to keep your home warmer, it will also give you an extra storage area where you can arrange your ornaments or create a themed display that will fit in with your decor beautifully.

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