Beat The January Blues With Beautiful Homes That Inspire.

This week started off with a marketing phenomenon that’s certainly picked up over the last ten years- Blue Monday. We know that January can seem like a dull time; the weather’s gloomy, chocolate has gone from friend to foe and that summer holiday seems all too far away.

But it needn’t be all gloom and doom. The winter weather is a great excuse to stay indoors and get your home in tip-top shape. Or, if you’re like us, sitting back and swooning over some beautiful decors and feel inspired.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite rooms from Pinterest and rounded them up for your enjoyment.

1. Room To Grow

This Nursery is on our list for a few reasons, but mostly because you know that when the little ones start to grow up, this room is ready for action. That shade of duck egg green is perfect for all ages and there’s always space for neutral furniture.

Blue Nursery from Usual House.

2. Total Tiles

That much black in a bathroom is usually a no-go, for somehow Fired Earth make it look airy. The accents of gold add the theme of luxury and make it glisten.

Monochrome Bathroom from Fired Earth.

3. Perfectly Mismatched.

There’s something very odd about this photo from Bright Bazaar that we just can’t help to love. The carpet with a slate fireplace and wood panelling. And then there’s the beautiful shape of the chair, with a monochrome patchwork cushion and throw and the copper side table. It shouldn’t work but somehow it just does.

Monochrome Accessories from Bright Bazaar.

4. Bright as Day

There’s no argument about it, this bedroom is certainly one to spend our days daydreaming about.The period features add definition to the otherwise plain white space and the accents of pastel blue create a simply divine setting.

Beautiful Blue Bedroom from Luxe Interiors & Design Magazine

5. Lounging Around

This bed space is not only so easy to recreate but it’s utterly gorgeous! There’s always space on the agenda for Sunday mornings spent with a little too much time in bed.

Curtain Canopy from Home Edit

All of these images are from just a handful of the profiles we follow on Pinterest. To discover more, just head to our Pinterest page, and why not give us a follow why you’re there too?

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