Guest Blog :: Flooring & Blinds- A Match Made in Interior Design Heaven

We are quite lucky in the Flooring business that everybody needs a floor of some sort. Unless you’re in a tribe or a modern day Tarzan there will always be demand, of which we are always willing to supply.

We feel the same thing about blinds. We cannot live and nor should you without one (or more) from the gorgeous range that Tuiss offers.

We’re biased, not just because of the elegant range of blinds available but because these blinds forever complement our floors. And flattery gets you everywhere.

Both floors & blinds provide warmth, energy saving and are simple to maintain. Blinds also protect our floors from gradual sun damage, it’s no wonder they’re our biggest friends in the home décor business.

A Tasty Choice

One of our biggest friends it the Real Oak and Butterscotch offering. It looks as delicious as it sounds and it backs up its style with bundles of substance. Made from genuine timber it’s a wonderful window addition. It’s effectively a dream team combination with our Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Oak

The oak look of this flooring matches the blinds appearance to a T. It is wholly suitable for the bathroom environment supplementing the blind in bringing warmth to a cool environment.

The Sunkissed Look

Our Graphite Grey Engineered Oak flooring has a traditional theme emanating right throughout the flooring. It straddles both contemporary and traditional designs by reflecting any interior décor. Neutral but noticeable. Lighting has a chameleon effect on this oiled flooring.

The lighting can be methodically tailored to your preference using the graceful DuoLight Sunkissed blinds. Offering varying levels of shade, your flooring can be illuminated or protected however you choose. Encapsulating the warmth in the winter and shading yourself from the sweltering summers (when we have them!)


Dark Tones

Saving the very best till last – our top Engineered flooring – Smoked elephant skin needs a premium partner for both quality and texture.

This flooring is enriched with the Charcoal DuoLight blind; exuding the deep dark tones to create a moody, elegant atmosphere. Its honeycomb structure enhancing its ability to insulate a room and reduce energy costs. The natural warmth of the elephant skin aids and abets the insulation; an offering of succinct shadow products.


There is a combination of floors and blinds to suit all tastes. Mixing and matching is the fun part. Creating your dream room/s is a fascinating process, and with a little bit of effort comes large rewards.

But if you’re the type that less is more, then it’s important to note that Tuiss has remote control blinds to save you crossing the floor.

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Thanks for reading.

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