3 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate With Textures

In Decorating With Textures, we’re going to take a look into three of our favourite fabrics here at tuiss, all know for their beautiful textures and gorgeous finish. Linen, Silk and Velvet are so different from one another and each can make your home a masterpiece if only you know how to use it.

Lovely Linens

Linens are the essential element of any country home, but if you’re not fortunate to have a rustic retreat adding a touch of linen to your home will turn the most urban of jungles to a green-lover’s paradise. The beauty of linen too is that it works in layers. Mix in a few rustic touches, such as reclaimed wood and metals and you’ve got the look nailed.

Sumptuous Silks

If your home is more city heights than country dwelling, then there’s no finer way to live the high-life than with the addition of silk. It catches the light, making small spaces feel that little bit bigger. It’s a fabric that can be layered too for the ultimate luxurious look. From silk wallpapers, to bedding, lampshades and of course the all important window coverings, t can all be silk. Plus, if you mix the dupioni with shantung or charmeuse, the difference in textures mean your room certainly won’t fall flat.

 Virtuous Velvets 

We’ve left Velvet to last, and it was all for a reason. Whilst the other two textures are beautiful in their own right, Velvet is going to be the fabric of the season. Expect jewel velvets, velvet with printed flowers, layers and layers of velvet, the whole shebang. The beauty of this fabric is that it packs a bunch, no matter whether you use a little or a lot. It’s perfect for those quirky yet comfy rooms, or bringing warmth to open spaces.

Making It Your Own

To get you a headstart on creating these themes, why not grab a window dressing in one of the textures and give your home the makeover it’s been yearning for?

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