New In :: Crossley Blinds & Curtains

Here at tuiss, we’re devoted to bringing you the very best in design and style, which is why we like to keep an ear to ground and discover the latest trends, even before they happen.

And one trend, that is set to happen, is happening right now with our brand new Crossley collection! Cayenne spice, fruity Cranberry and soothing Sky tones.14_5_15_crossley_blog1

These glorious shades are set to take the interior world by storm, mixed with heavy, textured fabrics. And the Crossley curtains and blinds are the perfect combination, adding a pinch of colour and character to your home.14_5_15_crossley_blog2

Plus taking a piece of the catwalk had never been easier. Our Crossley collection is made your way, with a choice of linings and made-to-measure too. Take a look for yourself at


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